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 License: $49, 15-day free trial

Tilt Breaker Synopsis

Wish you had someone to stop you from doing something really stupid every time you went on tilt? Outside of a personal assistant, there hasn’t been an option – until now. Tilt Breaker is a tilt management program that will act as a bodyguard between your rage and your precious bankroll. Armed with a Rage Quit button and Auto-Break functionality, Tilt Breaker is a helpful tool for people with tilt issues at online poker tables.

Tilt Breaker Full Review

Many players wish they had a buddy who could forcibly remove them from the tables when monkey tilt sets in, but they all lack the will power and end up spewing off a stack or two.  This can even happen at a higher limit than they are used to playing.

Tilt Breaker promises to be the friend that none of us really have while at the tables.  It’s a set of simple bankroll management tools designed to protect our bankrolls from ourselves. The first tool is the "Rage Quit" button.  The concept is easy – when you feel like you are freaking out and full of rage, hit the "Rage Quit" button. You’ll be removed from your cash game tables and all registering and buy-in functions will be blocked.

Tilt Breaker has also created a bankroll management feature that allows you to create custom rules by choosing game types, betting types, max big blinds, and dates. You’ll have 60 minutes to delete the rule, which allows you to thoroughly test it out and make sure it acts how you want it to. The bankroll management feature supports all languages and game types:

Want to make sure you take breaks rather than stay at the table too long?  You can do that too with perhaps the most important part of program; Tilt Breaker's Auto-Break feature. You can set up automatic lockdowns to occur after you hit a preset value such as:

Stop Loss $
Stop Win $
Stop Time Played
Stop Hands Played
Stop Win Big Blinds
Stop Loss Big Blinds

Here is a look at the Auto-Break screen:

All values can be tracked a the same time and you can also set the Stop Loss $ value to be tracked from your session peak rather than from $0. Plus, if you hover your mouse over the Tilt Breaker icon in the system tray, the software will display your session stats. There has never been an easier way to keep track of your progress. Tilt Breaker even has an option to Block the Cashier for the habitual balance-checkers. Other Auto Break values coming soon include Frequent Player Points earned and rakeback earned:

Tilt Breaker has moved to a new Smart Lock system that identifies and treats cash tables and tournament tables separately.  Once a user hits an Auto-Break value, a delay timer comes up to allow active hands to finish.  Then, "Sit Out Next Hand" is checked on all cash games and the program closes only cash tables when the timer expires.  Tournaments are never interrupted; instead, the registering and buy-in functionalities are disabled.  You'll never have to worry about Tilt Breaker interfering with your tournaments.

There’s a free 15-day fully functioning trial version that is only a 600 KB download.  The program is less than 2 MB on your computer, so it’s a very minor footprint on your system.

The full version of Tilt Breaker costs $49, a pretty small price to pay compared to the times we’ve all spewed off a few stacks when we shouldn't have.  If you have tilt issues, then Tilt Breaker is a great program designed to save your bankroll from the biggest villain of all – you!


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