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 License: Hold'em Manager 2: Standard: $49.99, Professional: $79.99

Leak Buster Omaha Synopsis

Leak Buster Omaha is an add-on for Holdem Manager that will scan through all of the hands that you play during Pot Limit Omaha sessions. There are 71 advanced filters that have accompanying videos to help you not just uncover costly leaks, but also figure out how to fix them. There are two editions available for purchase: a $49.99 Standard version that will work for $0.25-$0.50 games and below and a $79.99 Professional version that works at all stakes levels.

Leak Buster Omaha Full Review

Nobody can just log in to their favorite poker room and expect to crush Pot Limit Omaha games.  For one, the competition gets pretty stiff at the small- and mid-stakes games.  Second, because of the nature of the game, the swings can be wild.  Outside of taking diligent notes on training videos and getting some volume in, there has only been one other way to improve your game, hiring a coach.  This, of course, could cost you $50 to $150 an hour depending on the stakes.

Enter Leak Buster Omaha, a robust leak finding tool designed to scan through all of your PLO hands inside Holdem Manager and report back ways to improve your game.  Given the price of the program, the benefit is huge when you compare it to having a coach for a single session.

Getting started is extremely easy for Leak Buster Pot Limit Omaha.  When you go to the program inside of Holdem Manager, you’ll be prompted to run an analysis of your hands.  At that point, you can select all of your PLO hands or just a group of hands in a certain stake.  After that, depending on your computer’s power, the program will run the hands through its powerful algorithms to determine the leaks in your game.  There's also a powerful set of filters:

The program is broken out into 10 different steps: Guide, Leak Buster, Position, Pre-Flop, Trouble Hands, 3-Bet, Filters, Biggest Loss, Opponents, and HUD.  Each section will give you detailed information about that part of your game, with the main Leak Buster tab giving you a holistic report.

Running through a sample of hands took about three minutes, which will only happen whenever you tell it to compile your stats.  If you close it out and start it up again, you don’t have to wait to go through your leaks.  Inside the Step 2 “Leak Buster” section, you’ll find out how many leaks you have, an overall score, an overall grade, and reports on your win/loss record and sample size:

The leaks that it finds are just that – big leaks that cost you money in games.  For example, running the program exposed that my PFR% and W%WSF were terrible, giving me an “F” score and showing me the ideal ranges I should aim for with those stats.  Of course, the games can be quite dynamic and sample sizes mean a lot with this program, so it’s important that you realize the leaks being reported are only a starting point to improve your game. For many at the micro-stakes games, these reports will be pure gold.

For those of you jumping into PLO games because they offer a better edge than No Limit Hold’em games, getting off to the right foot and understanding the right way to play will be huge tools in your success model.  Given the price and the number of programs at your disposal, Leak Buster Omaha seems like an absolute no-brainer to buy for micro- and small-stakes players.

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