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The developers at Poker Pro Labs have done it again and given players of all game types and stakes an absolutely invaluable tool for finding a great table. The best part is that it’s also free. Poker Table Finder is the latest tool that is totally free and web-based, so there's nothing to pay for and nothing to download and install.

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There are a few websites out there that essentially have the same function as Poker Table Finder from Poker Pro Labs.  They search through active tables using a database and generalize them as being good or bad.  What separates Poker Table Finder is that it has more filters and supports more games on more rooms than any other table selection software.

When you first visit the site, you'll immediately want to "Show Advanced Filters,” which will help you find the tables you are looking for.  They include Poker Network, Limit Type, Game Type, Stakes Min, Stakes Max, Players Min, Players Max, Players Per Flop % Min, Players Per Flop % Max, Hands Per Hour Min, Hands Per Hour Max, Average Pot Min, and Average Pot Max:

The results when you enter in a search query are lightning fast.  For example, if I decide that I want to play $0.10-$0.25 Pot Limit Omaha on PokerStars, I'll just enter in the variables of PokerStars, Pot Limit, Omaha, Min $0.10 Stakes, and Max $0.25 stakes.  Within a millisecond, I'm given an 11 column report with Poker Network, Table Name, Game Type, Limit, Stakes, Players, Average Pot, Pot BB, Players Per Flop %, Hands Per Hour, and Table Type.

Under Table Type, I am given a colored light, with green being "Go there" for Super Loose or Loose tables, a question mark for "Neutral" tables, and an orange light for “Tight Tables.”  From this report, I can eliminate four of the tables from the 21 that came up in the report since they have low average pots and tight players.  How huge is that?  I can also see, more importantly, that five of the tables are "Loose" or "Super Loose," meaning that I should be playing there because the pots are big and the players are ready to give their money away.

For poker players, picking the right table can mean all of the difference in the world to your win rate.  Getting stuck at a table full of nits is a grinder's worst nightmare.  Poker Table Finder is absolutely fantastic and the fact that it has so many supported poker rooms and so many filters makes it the most valuable table selecting tool for free ever released.


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