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 License: 3 free basic calculations per day, Basic $79.99 per year, Pro $159.99 per year, Elite $399.99 per year

ICMIZER Synopsis

ICMIZER is a monthly subscription application that's full of customizable parameters to make Independent Chip Modeling calculations easy and informative. Improve your sit and go win rate instantaneously with continuous study of push, call, and re-steal equity percentages with ICMIZER.

ICMIZER Full Review

ICMIZER received a major overhaul in late 2015 that improved not only the usability of the interface, but also the functionality of this high-performance tournament ICM calculator. You will need to purchase a license in order to enjoy all features of ICMIZER and it's worth noting that the program works on both PCs and Macs.

ICMIZER has the ability to load hand histories from the user's clipboard. It also has manual toggle options for calculating ICM by percentage, currency equity, payout percentages, blind levels, number of players remaining, current hand, and more.

Its main features are as follows:

  • Download capability for desktop use
  • High-speed calculations
  • Custom hand range selection
  • Unrestricted edit of players' hand ranges
  • Complex hero fold and overcall (3-way all-ins) scenario analysis
  • Customer support
  • 2 Languages: English and Русский
  • Save, copy, paste ranges
  • ChipEV and $EV Support
  • Compatible with PCs and Macs
  • Monthly subscription plans

For simple heads-up scenarios, push/call ranges can be adjusted and calculated in practically one second. Once the "hand" and chip stacks have been inputted into the corresponding spaces, the user can click "Calculate" to display the EVPush versus EVFold numbers in order to decipher which action is the most appropriate. The application includes support for ChipEV for MTT situations along with $EV support.

ICMIZER's hand range chart is one of its most attractive features due to how easily you can slide the ranges to select them and how you can click on a specific hand to automatically designate it as the Hero's holding. Another useful feature that ICMIZER has is the ability to create call ranges for specific opponents, even if they do not fall into the preset range slider.

For example, if your slider for call ranges is showing A-A, K-K, Q-Q, A-Ks, and A-Ko, the next hand likely to be selected if you kept sliding would be J-J. However, some opponents have different calling ranges that don't always coincide with generic sliders, so ICMIZER allows you to manually choose hands one-by-one (such as A-Qs, A-Qo in this case), which gives the customer full control over specifying ranges in certain situations. Selecting or deselecting hands is a breeze thanks to the one-click toggling capabilities of the hand range slider.

Range editing is unrestricted and powerful

The heart of ICMIZER is its ability to give users the opportunity to contemplate additional information in the case that our Hero folds his hand. In the past, calculations were based on scenarios in which the Hero pushed, with zero consideration toward the actions that players may have taken if the Hero had folded initially. This is no longer the case with the most recent update of ICMIZER.

In the screenshot below, our Hero has 895 chips and faces, according to our range analysis of the Button's tendencies, a 100% calling range from the next person to act based on chip stacks. However, if our Hero folds the hand, then there are also spaces to input the Button's push range plus the Small Blind's call range. In the very unlikely scenario that the Button folds his hand, we have another column for the Small Blind's push and Big Blind's calling range.

There is another tab for "Overcall" ranges, which is also highly valuable when making sit and go calculations. Once we have placed all of the hand range information required, we click "Calculate" and find that, according to our hand range assignments, it is more profitable for the Hero to fold pocket eights in this situation.

Results page provides details for each possible hand

ICMIZER comes with the ability to save custom hand ranges, load hand histories from the clipboard, and change the Hero's pre-flop position with one click of the mouse. There is also an option to choose hand rankings, plus the application includes a "Charts" section for heads-up scenarios. The Hand EV Chart allows customers to quickly check the EV of pushing against all kinds of potential opponent ranges. The Range Chart calculates our +EV push range depending on opponents' ranges:

ICMIZER is available in several monthly subscription plans. The best value is a six-month membership for $49.99 (which equates to $8.30 per month). The three-month subscription costs $29.99, while a one-month plan runs $14.99. You can also buy one year of ICMizer for $79.99. The purchase process is quick and subscribers should receive their license key immediately upon purchasing a plan.

To find out more about the ICMIZER tournament ICM calculator and to purchase a monthly subscription, visit PokerICMCalculator.com.


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