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Have you ever come across a complete donkey spewing chips and done a player search to find them on other tables, only to realize that they are hidden from searches? Do you keep a list of bad players so that you can play against them again in the future, only to forget to even check the list? Fix all of these problems with a wonder piece of poker software! The software in question is called a buddy list. It is an easy to manage list of players that you would like to keep track of. Some poker buddy lists will even alert you whenever certain players are online.

Currently, the best online poker buddy list software available is Smart Buddy from Poker Pro Labs. Smart Buddy is compatible with Full Tilt Poker Software, Party Poker Software, Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, Poker Stars, Bodog, the Cryptologic network and the OnGame network. It allows you to add any player you want and will show if they are online and what tables they are on. It is server based and they are constantly scanning every table so that you can see what players are online and where, even if they are hidden from search. It can alert you when people come online, and allows you to launch the tables they are on right from within the poker buddy list software.

Other options include the completely free AHK script buddy lists Stars Buddy List and FullTiltBuddies. If you couldn?t guess by their names, they work on PokerStars Software and Full Tilt Poker respectively. The limitation that these programs have is that they are basically just automated ways to use the player search function. This means that is a player is hidden from search you will not come up with any results. They are still great free options for poker buddy lists. UltimateBuddy is also free, and is a secondary application offered by UltimateBet.

A final option is the buddy list tool on This is a web based application that uses the data gathered by PokerTableRatings to offer a real time list of every player that is online and what tables they are on. Their online poker buddy lists supports Party Poker, Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, Full Tilt Poker, Bodog, PokerStars, the iPoker network and the OnGame network. It does not rely on the player search feature, so you can find players even if they are hidden from search. It is also the only web based online poker buddy list software, so you can use it from any computer without having to install extra software.

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  • Smart Buddy

  • A buddy list that will search multiple sites at once. Includes detailed information about the player's current tables.

  • 3.98 out of 5