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Poker Odds+ from Sharkface Poker is a Poker tools app that helps you gain a greater insight into the game of Texas Hold'em and is available on your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. The tools provided can benefit all ranges of players, from beginnings to more advanced poker aficionados.

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Poker Odds+ is very easy and fast to download to your mobile device for $0.99.  This cost is a bargain considering you can test poker scenarios while you are on the go.  If you are a player who always has poker on his mind and wants to spend time in between sessions studying different scenarios, Poker Odds+ is a perfect program to have on your mobile device.  Poker Odds+ is also good for running a quick scenario from your mobile device while playing online or live during the heat of action.

Poker Odds+'s main screen consists of five categories: Hand Strength, Odds Calculator, Pot Odds Plus, EV Calculator, and Post-Flop Analysis.

The Hand Strength tool is very simple and informative.  First, you need to assign yourself a hand and then select the number of players yet to act.  Then, this tool will calculate how often your opponents will have a better hand.  It will also show you the next weakest hand and the next strongest hand.  By understanding how strong your hands are against one or multiple opponents, you can better decide what hands you should be playing and what hands you should be folding before the flop:

The Odds Calculator is like many others out there, but is readily available on your mobile device.  You select your cards for yourself and at least one opponent and you can see what your win and tie odds are pre-flop, on a pre-selected flop, and on a pre-selected turn.  A cool feature about this tool is that it will show you the number of outs you have on a pre-selected flop or turn against a favored hand:

While both of the previous tools are great for beginners, the Pot Odds Calculator is ideal for all level of players.  This is great review tool, as you can run through many scenarios and see if it makes sense for you to call, raise, or fold against a single opponent.

You will need to enter both of your cards and your opponents' cards.  You must let Poker Odds+ know what the pot currently is on the street you want information on along with the bet you are facing.  The Pot Odds Calculator tool will then let you know its recommended action, along with pot odds, draw odds, implied odds, amount for a breakeven pot, and the number of outs you have.  Like the Odds Calculator tool, you will also receive your win and tie percentages:

The EV Calculator is primarily for advanced players and is designed around Dan Harrington's "Structured Hand Analysis."  The tool shows how much you can expect to win or lose in a hand by making a bet and selecting a range of hands that would call your bet.

For those players using a HUD, you should first get used to being able to assign a range of hands your opponent might call you with when you have a decent amount of history from them.  You can easily plug in multiple players with differing chips stacks along with the blind and ante levels and receive analysis of whether moving all-in is +EV.  Learning to understand your EV and push/fold ranges are valuable for any poker player:

The Post-Flop Analysis tool is a calculator that also includes a community card heat map for what cards you need on the turn to increase your chances of winning to more than 50%.  This tool also provides you hand stats including the number of better or worse hands and the number of draws you have:

It is important to have a solid mobile internet or WiFi connection when using Poker Odds+, as all of the calculations are performed in an internet cloud.  Although you will receive the same results every time you plug in the same exact scenario, each result you request will be recalculated on the fly. 

For $0.99, The Poker Odds+ is an inexpensive poker tool that is simple to use and perfect for both the beginner and advanced poker player.


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