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SitnGoGrinders Synopsis

SitnGoGrinders is a poker training site strictly dedicated to playing single- and multi-table sit and gos. The site aims to cover all facets of grinding out a living playing sit and gos and shows you how to play these games through video courses. SitnGoGrinders has specialized trainers for each type of sit and go to make sure you get to see how the best players at each stake and game get the job done.

SitnGoGrinders Full Review

Many online poker players got their start playing sit and go games and found out that they are a lot of fun and can be very profitable.  One of the issues you’ll run into when you look for help is that a lot of the articles online are woefully outdated, many of the poker training sites spread themselves too thin, and when it comes to sit and go videos, there isn’t enough content out there.  Enter SitnGoGrinders, a poker training site wholly dedicated to sit and gos.

The subscription rates for SitnGoGrinders are actually very affordable, especially if you decide to take them up of their offer of $99 for a one-year subscription.  That comes out to one of the cheapest deals in poker training at $8.25 per month.

The site isn’t all that flashy, but has a very utilitarian video search feature that allows you to search for videos by instructor name, date, buy-in, players, tables, and network.  When you put in values for one or more of the search filters, you’ll receive a list of videos that fit your criteria. You’ll see the trainer’s name, title of the video, date the video was released, the video’s ID, and the video’s list link:

There is no specific web page for each one.  When you click on the “List” link once you’ve found the video you want to watch, you’re taken to the coach’s video page with a list of all the videos they have produced. You’ll then need to find your video in this list via the ID number because the title of the video doesn’t appear on the new page:

There are two links to watch each video: “Desktop” (full browser window) or “Laptop” (smaller sized window), which open up inside of your browser and play.  There is no downloading of videos locally to your computer.  The system of finding a video is a little cumbersome and takes a little time to get used to. The lack of a video title on the coach’s page forces you to remember an ID to find the video you want, which seems a bit inefficient.

The videos are really solid and, coming from the perspective of a player who doesn’t play a lot of sit and gos, I found a lot of the theory and topics presented to be really beneficial.  There are a lot of videos here with different buy-in games, so if you are a micro-stakes player grinding out $6 sit and gos or a baller playing $100+ tournaments, there’s going to be something here for you.  The instructors are all solid grinders and each one has a profile and a blog you can check out.  However, some of the instructors don’t update their blogs regularly.

There are other parts to SitnGoGrinders outside of the video training library.  There’s an interesting articles section that goes back a couple of years and is intelligently broken out into two parts, one for starters and one for advanced players.  Unfortunately, spanning two years, there are only ten articles total.  However, the forums present a wide variety of topics and most of the posts have a couple of responses.

Overall, although SitnGoGrinders doesn’t have a lot of the sizzle other poker sites might have, there’s a really unique combination of niche learning material and an awesome price that we think a lot of players will find very attractive.


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