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Neo Poker Bot is a free web-based poker site where you can learn and play Texas Hold’em against programmed artificial intelligence players. The Neo Poker Laboratory’s math and poker experts have spent five years developing poker bots that can adjust to your style of play. The experience is much like playing real money games against opponents that adjust to your style of play.

Neo Poker Bot Full Review

Neo Poker Bot is a web-based application that utilizes artificial intelligence for the purposes of allowing players to practice and hone their Texas Hold’em ring game skills.  The software offers games in both No Limit and Fixed Limit varieties for six-max, three-max, and heads-up play.  You can hop right into the games and it is recommended that you create a free account so the artificial intelligence will remember you and adjust to your play.  Also, if you create an account, you will be eligible to be on the Neo Poker Bot Leaderboard depending on your performance.

As many of you know, when trying to improve your online Texas Hold’em skills, it is almost impossible to receive a realistic playing experience on online play money poker sites since many people do not take the game seriously and are just clicking buttons or going all-in every hand.  Rather than risk real money when you want to practice your game, Neo Poker Bot allows you to play against AI players to get a realistic experience risk-free.

For No Limit Hold’em, all players start with 1,000 chips and with 5/10 blinds, providing you a deep-stacked experience.  The poker bots will use different bet sizing, both pre-flop and post-flop.  The play by the poker bots is very realistic.  The bots sometimes allow you to get away with a bluff and other times fire back at you with the goods:

When trying Neo Poker Bot's game play out, I found sometimes that the poker bots will fold to a double-barrel bet on the turn and other times adjust by betting on the flop and raising me off a hand.  The artificial intelligence is on par with real money cash players and I felt embarrassed allowing a poker bot to trap me value betting what I thought was a decent hand into their semi-nuts.

For Limit Hold’em, all players begin with 500 chips with 5/10 blinds.  Although whether or not you are deep to begin with doesn’t matter, there is enough play to practice against the poker bots on all streets of play.  If you or your opponents started with only 10 big blinds, very quickly into the game you would find players all-in on the flop or turn.  With 50 big blinds, there is plenty of room to practice playing on all streets.  There is no predictability factor on how the bots will behave.  You can’t just run them over with your garbage hands nor always expect value when betting the nuts:

Currently, the software does not provide you with feedback on your performance or where you might need to improve and there is no ability to look back at previous hands to see what the poker bots were holding.  That being said, you would not have any of this when playing on a play money site anyway.

If you are looking to have a little fun playing risk-free online Texas Hold’em cash games while honing your skills, you should try Neo Poker Bot for free and see how well you perform against the site's artificial intelligence.


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