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Smart Buddy is an automated buddy list that works across all of the major online poker rooms. Users can enter in the screen names of their favorite pros, friends, fish, and sharks and be alerted as to when they log on. The program works similarly to AOL Instant Messenger in format and if you double-click on a table in the list, the program will open up the poker room and take you directly to it.

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Oftentimes, hunting down your favorite poker pros and friends online can be very problematic. Most poker rooms have a search feature rather than a poker buddy list.  However, in Smart Buddy from Poker Pro Labs, players can enter in all of the players they wish to find online and have them appear in one list.  Thanks to Smart Buddy, you no longer have to load up multiple online poker clients and perform manual searches.

Installation is very simple and is done by double-clicking the executable file obtained from the website.  There is a free trial for users interested in giving it a test drive; otherwise, the license information is entered in at the login screen.  From there, the buddy list opens up with default pros at a few online poker rooms.

To get started, players use straightforward controls to enter in their buddies and can create sections such as "Fish" or "Sharks" so that they appear segmented from other buddy list members.  When a player is not online, the icon next to their name is gray.  When they are logged in, their name appears in bold.  Underneath and indented from a player’s name will be a list of all the tables they are logged into, including the name, stakes, number of players, average pot, percent of players to the flop, and number of hands per hour.  Double-clicking on a table name will open it up on your computer.  Here is a look at the main screen:

Smart Buddy also has custom filters that you can apply to your buddy searches.  You can narrow down your searches by game type, stakes, and number of players.   Another great feature is you that can apply custom sound alerts when a particular player type logs into a poker room.  For example, if you want to be alerted with a sound when a fish logs on, you can set up the program to do so.  Smart Buddy will also give you a notification via a popup in the task bar.  The custom filters look like this:

The program now has a Find search field if your list is so long that it becomes hard to hunt down someone. In addition, it can import lists from a text file or directly from PokerTracker.  Users can also set preferences to turn on or off alerts when players log in or out.

Please note that Smart Buddy only works for players sitting at cash ring games and on PokerStars only for sit and gos. This program does not work for scheduled tournaments.

Smart Buddy is a very simple and straightforward program to use that can be up and running in a matter of minutes.  It's a very convenient way of seeing who is online in order to avoid the sharks, sit down with your favorite fish, or watch one of your friends play.


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Chris Hansen's Review of Smart Buddy

May, 20, 2009

The idea is perfecdt - The way the software works is brilliant. The msn like function where is signals when fish come online and the double tab to open tabel is perfect.

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