ipSkinner Allows Customization of iPoker Sites

Date: 2008-11-19
Author: Dan Cypra

If you’ve ever looked at the design of an online poker room’s cards, felts, or layout and thought, “God, this is awful,” here’s a chance to change it yourself… for free. We’ve stumbled across a program called ipSkinner and wanted to present an overview to the poker software enthusiasts on this site and then direct you to a thread for discussion. It’s similar to iBolide, but this is freeware with an option to purchase a premium version.

The program works with any online poker room on the iPoker Network. These include CDPoker, Titan Poker, Noble Poker, Chilipoker, and Tony G Poker, just to name a few. Soon, Sun Poker will also be moving to the iPoker Network.

The software’s main interface allows the customization of the table design, mini table design, and cards, similar to the image below, which is taken from ipSkinner’s website:

The dealer button, seat box, chips, timer, and card backs can all be altered, leaving you with the look and feel of your very own iPoker “skin.” In total, there are eight different table skins and 10 different types of decks to choose from. According to a thread on a popular online poker forum, the ability to save positions of tables when the software opens is also on its way, which to me would be a massive help when using multiple windows. It remains to be seen when that feature may become available.

The software has evolved quite a bit from Version 1.1 (it’s now up to 2.6.5). Added along the way have been numerous features. The purpose of this list is to show you how far the software has come in since its inception:

1. Ability to change the dealer button.
2. Rebuy hotkey added.
3. Card back functionality added.
4. Bigger dealer button in mini view.
5. Ability to change the timer.
6. Rebuy the maximum amount of chips hotkey added.

The premium version has also become more focused on adding AHK capabilities. Past changes include:

1. Three mouse hotkeys – Can select among folding, check- / calling, raising or increasing bet with right mouse button, left mouse button or the mouse wheel.
2. Fold hotkey added.
3. Call/Check hotkey added.
4. Bet/Raise hotkey added.
5. Bigger hole cards.
6. Ability to change the position of hole cards.
7. Long-term skinning capabilities.

The premium version of ipSkinner is $20 and can be paid via PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker or Moneybookers.

iBolide has a free trial offer available. It is also an iPoker skin program and will set you back $39. A poker calculator is also available for $15. A promotion to score a free copy was available on the site, but now states that it is “temporarily suspended.” iBolide’s site notes, “iBolide has different types of cards to choose from, all of which are much clearer than those currently used. There are also alternative themes that you can set as backgrounds, to give the tables a whole new look. You can change cards and themes as you wish to create the look that suits you best. You can even use your own image files if you want.”

The most recent release of iBolide listed in its forums is from February, when the developers announced a Beta version of Version 2.0. It comes complete with a preview mode, support for jpg and png image files, a resizeable dealer button, custom color and image box transparencies, and different card sizes and layouts. The colors listed in this screen shot remind me of the old Uno cards, which I think would enjoy playing poker with. This is taken from the iBolide forums:

So what do you think poker software enthusiasts? Have you used either of these programs or one similar to them? We want to hear about your experience. Click here and head to the Software Discussion Forum for more information.

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