Part I: Interview with Holdem Manager Roy Goncalves

Date: 2008-11-05
Author: Dan Cypra

At, we’re dedicated to providing you with the very latest from the front lines of the industry. Recently, I sat down with Roy Goncalves, an executive with Holdem Manager, to learn about the development and features of the poker tracking software and heads-up display. Our very own Fox followed up my interview with a few questions of his own. Look for Part II of our Holdem Manager interview soon. In the meantime, here’s Part I:

Poker Software: Explain what Holdem Manager is and tell us why it is unique in the marketplace.

Goncalves: Holdem Manager is the ultimate tracker and HUD for thinking players. Right out of the box and with very little effort, it provides a wide array of never before available statistics and ways to analyze your play and the play of others. It will help you find ways to exploit even the toughest players in today’s online games.

What is really amazing about Holdem Manager is how deep a player can go in terms of improving their game if they are willing to put in the time. And for those people that simply want an easy-to-use, powerful tracker and HUD, they have that as well. I like to think that we have delivered the best of both worlds in that respect.

PS: What’s one thing that anyone purchasing Holdem Manager should know about it?

Goncalves: What I want people to know is that Holdem Manager is constantly evolving.  As impressed as you will be when you install and begin to use Holdem Manager, you will be amazed at how much more functionality is layered onto our program each and every week. Simply download the latest updates and you will have new stats, reports, ways to analyze your game, and even entire new blocks of functionality.

Additionally, we stand behind our product. If you have any difficulties setting up your software, we will have a support technician make sure that you are up and running, even if that means logging into your computer and setting it up ourselves. We have found that many players freely admit that they are “technically challenged” and really appreciate that we go well beyond their expectations on the support side.

PS: What sites is Holdem Manager compatible with now? Do you plan to add more in the future?

Goncalves: Hold’em Manager is compatible with PartyPoker, Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, Prima / Microgaming Network, iPoker Network, Cryptologic Network, Bodog, Everest Poker, Ongame Network, Betfair, and Pacific Poker. We will be adding more sites in the future.  

PS: What feedback have you received from customers looking for additional features?

Goncalves: Right now, the big piece of functionality that we are working on is adding tournaments winnings support since most of the functionality has been geared towards cash game players. We have been working on this for some time and plan to release it very shortly to the beta group. Additionally, multi-currency support is high on the list, along with a host of other features. We have a few surprises coming up that I’m sure will create a lot of excitement. Look for Omaha support coming before the end of the year.

PS: Explain your background and how you joined Holdem Manager.

Goncalves: I’ve always loved poker, especially the analytical and statistical aspects of it. I was writing software just weeks after the first time I ever touched a computer as a kid, so this was a pretty natural fit for me. Before Holdem Manager (and during the year of development before the official launch in January of 2008), I spent 13 years with a financial services company as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Director of Software Development. I was responsible for the design and development of most of the technology that drove the company to success.  

This background has really helped with Holdem Manager since, in addition to software development, I have a strong background on the business side handling operational issues and understand how important it is to surround yourself with high-quality people. More than anything, I know it’s important to make sure that your customers feel happy.  Once I launched Holdem Manager, I realized that I would need to transition out of my role as CTO and focus 100% of my energy on ensuring that Holdem Manager is the market leader not only today, but also tomorrow.

PS: Tell us more about the company in general. Where is it based and how many employees do you have?

Goncalves: Including myself, there are three developers, two support technicians, a marketing director, and some additional contract help when needed.  I’m based out of Vancouver, Canada, but as a group we are truly an international bunch. We range from Ireland to Sweden and Germany to Jamaica! It’s a great group of really intelligent guys that all love poker. We have worked hard to make Holdem Manager what it is today.

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