Poker Office 5.0 Delayed Due to Vista Complications

Date: 2008-11-29
Author: Dan Cypra has learned that the release of the newest version of poker database program Poker Office has been delayed due to complications resulting from its interaction with Vista, the latest Windows operating system. The program was originally slated to be released two weeks ago, but has been postponed until the issues can be resolved by its developers. Poker Office version 2.50 was released on November 20th, 2008.

Updates that were available as part of the 2.50 version included fixes for the Ongame Network poker clients as well as fixes for the new PartyPoker and B2B clients. Version 2.49 also featured a fix for the Ongame Network client. Speculation as to when the newest version of the software, 5.0, will be released is now ongoing. One beta tester on the Poker Office forums, shahrad, stated in a post dated November 26th, “I think it will not be released before [the] New Year.” has not yet received confirmation as to when users can expect the latest and greatest features and updates from Poker Office.

On September 1st, Poker Office officials posted that the company was in search of beta testers for Version 5.0. The post states that beta testing would officially begin in September. It continued, “We are now looking for [a] dedicated and thorough beta tester who is willing to test our beta and its future updates. Please consider before you apply that you will have to try and provide us with as much useful information as possible. We need testers that can play a lot and preferably play on several poker rooms or several buy-ins.” All beta testers needed to be users of Poker Office 2, which is the current version.

New stats that are slated to be a part of Poker Office Version 5.0 include (but are not limited to) 3bet, 4bet, Fold to 3bet, Aggression Frequency, Fold to Continuation Bet %, and 4bet after 3betting %. The program will feature a brand new look and feel, including “a completely new overlay with integrated pop-up windows.” A total of four pop-up windows will allow users of Poker Office 5 to bring up additional stats about opponents seated at the table.

Other new pop-up windows include places to take notes, see more details stats on opponents, as well as the capability to check out the hole cards that other users at the table have played with. The latter can be filtered by position, limp and raise stats, as well as when a player 3bet. A pop-up window related to hands on the flop “shows all the hands a player has had on the flop (e.g. Top Pair + Open End Straight Draw) and how they have been played and can be filtered on Bet, Check, Call, Check Raise, 3 Bet, etc.”

Additional upgrades available in Poker Office Version 5 include the ability to color code stats on the basis of their values and the capacity to overlay mucked cards for the duration of a hand.

A “Fish Finder” will also become a favorite tool of members, enabling Poker Office users to search for poker players on the basis of certain factors like stat ranges. You can also export your Fish Finder results to an Excel spreadsheet or a text file. The stats engine, which is a key factor in the purchase decision process for many users of poker software is described as follows: “A completely new, rewritten, statistics engine. Features an advanced caching routine that can cache all data and hence only needs to access the database for never-shown data. Hence there is no loading time at all for old data. A LOT faster than PokerOffice 2.”

On November 7th, Poker Office officials posted that the company had just hired a new developer. Check out the full details of Poker Office 5 by visiting the program’s website. Also, let us know what you think of the current lineup of features and what additional ones could be added in the future. Competitors of the program include industry hallmarks PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager. Read our Review of Poker Office 2, which is the current version currently on the market.

Poker Office runs $79 per year. As a member of, you can get a free copy of the software just by downloading and playing on one of the major online poker rooms. Check out how to receive free poker software.

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