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Date: 2008-11-23
Author: Dan Cypra

Proprietary ratings systems allow their creators to rank anything under the sun arbitrarily. Oftentimes, this creates controversy, leading to increased traffic to the rankings system. Recently, checked out, which ranks ongoing poker tables on the basis of their perceived profitability to you, the player. According to its website, “The players at each table are evaluated based upon their VP$IP, long-term losses versus long-term winnings, and the total amount of data recorded for the players involved. Each player’s data is then compiled to provide a composite rating for that table.”

Aside from the actual rankings, there are a slew of stats that are right at your fingertips. Tables from Absolute Poker,    Bodog, Full Tilt Poker, the Ongame Network, PartyPoker, PokerRoom, and Titan Poker are tracked by the database site. As I peer into the lobby for Full Tilt Poker, here are the top five tables available. Note that the overall rating is given in a red bar in the middle, along with the table’s name, stakes, number of players, VP$IP, PFR, and Aggr:

When you search the database, you’re able to query by the table’s stakes, betting structure (No Limit, Fixed Limit, or Pot Limit), and number of players. Guests are limited to five searches and a free account with enables the opportunity to search at will.

Looking for stats on individual players’ performances? Check out the list of the top 10 money winners from the day, organized by room, limits, stakes, and time period. At the time of writing, Tom “durrrr” Dwan was the big winner on the day, amassing a healthy $210,000. He had played 659 hands on Full Tilt and won 24.95 big blinds per hour. Right behind him was ClockWyze, who took home $65,000 (hardly right behind, but the second biggest money winner nonetheless). ClockWyze had played 2,233 hands and piled up 25.76 big blinds per hour. The bottom line is that there is a ton of information right in front of your eyes for you to digest. Here’s a view of the rest of the leader board:

If you click on any name (like durrr, for example), you’re given an incredible wealth of information. You can view the spread of hand stakes and types that he’s played, the number of hands logged by, big blinds won, and the number of big blinds per hour. Dwan’s biggest wins and worst losses in individual hands are tracked along with his “Best Friends” and “Worst Enemies.” The latter two are players he’s won the most off of and dropped the most to, respectively.

Here’s a look at Dwan’s critical stats. You can see he’s won just over $1 million from elmariachimacho on Full Tilt Poker. In addition, he has three tracked pots in which he took down over a quarter of a million dollars. Coincidentally, all were with suited diamond cards. His three biggest losses came with three of the top starting hands in poker: pocket aces, pocket kings, and pocket jacks. You can sort his statistics by site. I’ve used Full Tilt Poker as an example:

Other features available include the option to see how players have fared against each other (Player versus Opponent). There are a bevy of stats available from the nearly 350 million hands that have been tracked. started logging Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker hands beginning in April and Bodog’s since September.

Now for the bad news. I signed up for a free account on the site, but did not receive an activation e-mail. I sent a follow e-mail to activate the account, but that did not solve the problem at the time of writing. Again, five searches by guests are allowed. From hunting through posts on various forums, it seems that many other potential customers have had issues with receiving activation e-mails as well.

On the forums over at TwoPlusTwo, one member stated that a lawsuit may be forthcoming against the site, which does not yet appear to have a way for players to opt out of the database. He commented, “My friend, a law grad from Columbia has said he may sue TableRatings for violating FT T&C and as a result, violating his privacy.”

So what do you think? Have you had any experience using or a program like it? What are your thoughts on its ethical nature? We want to hear from you. Visit the Software Discussion Forum and discuss with your fellow site members.

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