TableNinja Enables Ease of Operations for PokerStars Players

Date: 2009-01-31
Author: Earl Burton

Whatever online poker sites you prefer to play on, there are plenty of programs that will assist you with your play. Some of them, such as PokerTracker or Hold'em Manager, will track your vital statistics, while others automate many of the actions that you have to make at the tables. For PokerStars players, there is a great software application called TableNinja that will help you breeze through the world's largest online poker site.

Created by ALX Software in December of 2008, TableNinja is a program that, through the use of hotkeys and pot betting applications, allows you to concentrate on playing the game over one or multiple tables. It is a specially created stand alone program that will work for players who use Windows Vista, an operating system that has offered problems for many online poker players in the past.

There are a few features that make TableNinja appealing to PokerStars players. First off, it works on more than just Texas Hold'em. It also works at the Omaha tables, putting it ahead of many of the poker software applications that are out there currently. As someone who sometimes steps into that arena, I found it to be a tremendous advantage.

The program can be set up without having to know a lot about AutoHotKey (AHK) applications. TableNinja offers many different combinations of keys that automatically put in bets. Especially useful was the fact that it takes into account limpers into the pot and adds the amount to your normal bet, eliminating the process of figuring out how much to enter. Here is a look at the hotkey entry page:

Here is a look at the bet entry screen:

Finally, TableNinja can function with pretty much any of the themes that PokerStars runs. Some software programs have difficulties interacting with custom backgrounds that players have either won or created for themselves as well as the specialty backgrounds that PokerStars has generated itself. With TableNinja, this doesn't seem to be an issue.

Discussions on popular online poker forums have demonstrated that TableNinja's developers are highly involved with people who have downloaded the software and take a lot of personal interest in making improvements. The developers also take a significant amount of time to ensure that the program continues to run with the seemingly endless updates that PokerStars goes through. Overall, players using TableNinja seem to be pleased with its performance and the additions that have been made.

Unfortunately, at this time, the developers of TableNinja do not have any plans to expand the software beyond PokerStars. Still, for the $25 that TableNinja costs to unlock its full potential, the program could be just what some players are looking for.

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