Poker Copilot Version 2 May Debut This Week

Date: 2009-07-27
Author: Dan Cypra

In breaking news from the Mac-friendly tracking software Poker Copilot, Version 2 may make its debut this week. Not requiring Mac users to hunt down a copy of Parallels or Boot Camp, Poker Copilot runs in a native Mac environment and has become a big hit among the computing platform’s diehard fans. sat down with Steve McLeod, the Founder of Poker Copilot, to learn about the forthcoming edition. Don’t forget: If you’re looking for a license to Poker Copilot, then check out our Free Software promotion! Tell us what the major changes are in Poker Copilot Version 2.

McLeod: There is now a real SQL database inside Poker Copilot. This means that the former 150,000 hand database limit no longer exists. The Heads-Up Display (HUD) is overhauled, shows up to 12 statistics at once (was previously six), and appears on multiple tables at once (was previously shown only on the current table). It also will optionally show hero stats just for the current table to give an idea of the table image the hero has. In addition, Version 2 includes a hand replayer and a small detached window that shows the most recent mucked cards for all players. Why were those particular changes made?

McLeod: One simple reason: They were the most heavily requested features from users. What has been the feedback from those who have taken a test drive of Version 2 of your poker tracking software as part of your beta testing?

McLeod: Extremely positive, especially the hand replayer and the reworked HUD. The number of Mac users is growing day by day. Talk about the importance of having the best Mac tracking software on the market.

McLeod: Many Mac poker players were frustrated that, until recently, they've had to run their Macs in Windows mode via Boot Camp, Parallels, or VMWare in order to have good poker tracking tools. I aim to give Mac users fewer reasons to have to do that. Refresh our memory as to how Poker Copilot got its start.

McLeod: At first, it was a hobby project to scratch my own itch. I wanted to answer questions like, "How loose am I playing?" and "Which hole cards am I overplaying and underplaying?" I wrote software to do that, showed it to some poker-playing friends, and was blown away by their enthusiasm for the then-unnamed product. Then came a chance to polish it, package it, and bring it to market as part of a "30 day challenge". Were there any stumbling blocks rolling out Version 2?

McLeod: It took longer than expected! Changing the database engine to a full SQL solution meant that almost every part of Poker Copilot needed changes. When can we expect to see Version 3?

McLeod: Whoa. I haven't thought that far ahead yet!

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