Party EzCash Improves Speed, Performance

Date: 2009-08-22
Author: Sean Gibson

As many people on PartyPoker will verify, the handy software program Party EzCASH makes playing at the popular room a much easier and more efficient experience.  The software works on a subscription payment system and makes PartyPoker a better place to play.  The program has a long list of features including automatic rebuys, automating repetitive tasks such as posting blinds and dropping tables, automatic cursor movements, highlighting active tables, and programming bet sizes for specific situations.

Recently, the developers behind Party EzCash released a new update, 2-5 E Beta, which improves several facets of the software and increases its performance.  As posted by the development team of the program, the update included:

- Performance greatly improved
- Option to tile games
- Removed highlight for advanced actions
- Extra move cursor option
- Pause Party EzCASH hotkey
- Fixed problem with Modern Layout mouse wheel
- General speed improvement

The improvement in performance should greatly help those who play on many tables at the same time.  The option to tile tables once games have been started makes laying out your PartyPoker tables easier.  The update for the advanced actions is probably the biggest change of the 2-5 E Beta update.  There is now an advanced fold hotkey that can be programmed into your keyboard to make the process a one-step affair.  On top of that, there is now the ability to fold when not betting in advance inside of the multi-purpose street bet hotkey area.

There is now an extra move cursor option that better supports users who have a dual-monitor setup.  You can create an area of the desktop that the Move Cursor option works in so that your cursor doesn't start flying across your dual-monitor desktop constantly.  This makes playing inside of a designated area an efficient process.

Players can now pause Party EzCASH with a programmed hotkey, making it a lot easier than closing the program and re-starting it.  Finally, the issue with the Modern Layout mouse wheel has been fixed so that it is once again working correctly for acts like bet-sizing.  On top of this was a general speed improvement, which makes the program run more efficiently and reduces the system resources needed.

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