Poker Tracker for iPhone

Date: 2009-08-08
Author: Sean Gibson

Now that the iPhone 3.0 operating system has been released, software developers are designing and programming newer and more sophisticated applications.  They range from video games to productivity software to specialized applications for various activities.  One such application developed for a specific industry is Poker Tracker (not to be confused with the popular tracking software for the PC). This version of Poker Tracker will set you back just $2.99 in the iTunes App Store.  It has been developed with the purpose of allowing a player to keep track of their play and receive basic data on how well they have been doing.

The first thing to do with Poker Tracker for the iPhone is set games.  To add a new game, press the big “+” at the bottom of the screen.  Then, specific variables need to be set: the blinds, limits, game type, and number of players (short-handed, full ring, heads-up, multi-table tournament, or sit and go).  Once you have all of the different games that you play entered into the “Game Details” area, you’ll be ready to start entering in locations.

The “Locations” area is a place for a player to enter in all of the poker rooms he or she plays at.  You can enter in live casinos or their internet counterparts.  Similar to the Games area, press the big “+” to enter in as many different locations as you’d like.

The “Settings” area lets you define whether or not to have tutorial mode on or off, have tilt warnings on or off, define the currency, and recalculate stats.  By default, there’s really not much to change outside of currency if you are not playing in American Dollars.

The “Enter Data” button takes you to a place to “Start New Session,” which opens up a screen that allows you to let the clock begin ticking.  The other option is to “Record Past Session,” which allows you to put in the start time, end time, location, stakes, buy-in, rebuy, and cashout total.  Once the session is over and all of the variables have had their appropriate values entered in by the player, pressing the “Save” button records the data from that session into the Poker Tracker database. Here's a sneak preview of what you have to look forward to:

Once data has been entered in, there are four areas to look at: Overview, My Data, My Graphs, and Account Balance.  The “Overview” section is the main reporting area of the program.  From here, you have buckets of information on wins and losses, streaks, and time stats.  You can report your gross winnings, gross losses, overall win/loss, current streak, best streak, and worst streak. Finally, the “Time Stats” reveal how many real hours you’ve played and your hourly rate.

The “My Data” section is a big list of the sessions you’ve entered, so if you need to edit a session’s data or delete it altogether, this is where you would do so.  The “My Graphs” area is a graphing utility that takes your session results and plots them on an axis of money won/lost from session to session.  This is a cool feature that shows you how much you’ve been winning and losing in a simple format beyond the mundane numbers.  The “Account Balance” area shows what the net win/loss is. Here's a sample graph:

For the $2.99 investment, this program will help you keep track of your sessions.  Although it probably isn’t anything worth using when you play online, it’s a fantastic tool for when you play in a home game or at a casino.  It comes recommended for those of you looking for a cheap poker tracking database program for your iPhone.

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