Cake Poker Launches Updated Mobile Client

Date: 2009-09-29
Author: Sean Gibson

When smart phones became the norm for the average cellular consumer, a new world of mobile application development ignited a trend of computing on the go.  With the rise of broadband mobile networks like 3G and Sprint’s upcoming 4G, people with a cell phone can utilize applications and web browsers at speeds exceeding that of some home internet connections.  It was only a matter of time before online poker sites saw the potential behind the opportunity of mobile broadband computing.

Cake Poker, a leading poker network that allows players from the United States, became one of the first online poker sites to release a real-money application for cell phones.  The software was compatible only with phones that ran off of the Windows Mobile operating system.  It’s because of the ability of this particular OS to have an open environment for application development that Cake Poker brought its software to the market instead of platforms like Apple’s iTunes Store.  That outlet requires full compliance of terms of service and then once an application is developed, it requires review and approval from Apple itself.  In today’s murky legal environment for online poker, such approval would be a long shot at best.

Early indications for the Cake Poker mobile client were quite positive.  Many industry experts believed that the prospect of playing poker for real money on a cell phone was one that many wouldn’t accept, but indications from players say that they are willing to adopt the concept.  Of the players who played Cake Poker on the Windows Mobile phones that supported the application, most came away impressed.

This week, Cake Poker announced that a new mobile application is being released for users to download and install.  It is only being issued for Windows Mobile phones with rumors of Blackberry support coming soon.  This new application can be downloaded from the Cake Poker mobile website with installation similar to other free applications.  Players on the Cake Poker Network will enjoy the new features that promote a top-tier experience from your phone.

New features in this updated software client include a flop percentage table filter that has been added so players can get more information about tables before joining.  There are also four-color decks available as well as a total pot indicator.  There is a table position indicator and a new feature to rebuy.  With the rebuy option, there’s also a time indicator that assists in the process of staying at a table and reloading your chip stack.  There are new sound effects options and architectural improvements that enhance the overall performance of the program.

With the new feature, there are bug fixes that have taken customers’ feedback and put it into place with the new software.  Disconnections are handled well by this edition of the application and action can be seen while a player is sitting out.  There’s error logging for troubleshooting, so getting to the bottom of many problems will be handled in a more efficient manner.  There was a problem with hole cards being dealt face down that has been resolved and application-loading issues have been tackled by this update.  Finally, action buttons and table joining issues that were cataloged in the previous edition have been fixed in this update.

Cake Poker has confirmed that there are some exciting new features coming soon that users should be on the lookout for past this new update.  On top of the previously mentioned Blackberry/Symbian support, Cake Poker’s mobile software will also have a new top-down view of the table.  There will also be a real lobby table list with stats, making table selection possible.  There is going to be a mobile cashier with account management and mobile tournaments.

Cake Poker is the tenth largest poker network in the world according to and the fourth largest among rooms accepting players from the United States.

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