Poker Push Bot Released

Date: 2009-09-17
Author: Sean Gibson

Over the last few years, tournament play has become dominated by math-inspired play.  When the blinds go up and the stacks go down, players realize that there comes a time where the only play is to either fold or shove in all of their chips.  The basic rule of thumb is that players with 10 to 12 big blinds should shove with A-8 or better, but as many players already realize, this is much too general to help us in practical everyday poker situations.

Poker Push Bot is a small program for Windows that assists players in making decisions of whether to go all-in or to fold and wait for another hand.  Using the theories that make tournament play profitable by using a math-based system, Poker Push Bot will assist players with shoving decisions.  Do not be confused by the name – this program is not a "bot" and will not make any table actions for you.  It is, however, a very handy program that tournament players will consider a fantastic tool.

The software is a small executable file that unlocks when a user purchases it for $15.  The software has a very low impact on system resources and loads up in a small program window.  The toolbar menu has options for “File” (open, close the program), “Background” (you can change the background of Poker Push Bot), “Blinds Schedule” (select the poker site you play on), and “Help” (options to bring up the FAQ, register the program, etc.).

Once unlocked, the program is ready to run and allows you to enter in the tournament conditions for your stack size, blinds, number of players at the table, players left to act and, of course, the hand which you have been dealt.  There's one final section called the "Calling Range," which allows a player to enter in the expected range of hands a villain will call you down with should you go all-in.  There are many preset hand ranges to select from, all of which seem very logical.

Once you've entered in your situational criteria into the program, you'll get two numbers.  The first is the "Break-Even M,” the second is "Your Effective M," and the boxes they are in are either red or green.  For non-tournament regulars, M is defined as your stack divided by the total pot before any action has taken place.  Basically, it's how many times the starting pot you have left in your stack.  M is a very important tournament figure and is used by Poker Push Bot to determine the proper decisions during your sessions.

Players should be aware that Poker Push Bot is touted as a hand history reviewing utility and not something to be used while you are playing an active session of tournament poker.  This tool is aimed at making players more aware of their M so that they can make better decisions the next time they play tournament poker.

For the cost, it seems like a great piece of poker simulation software for an aspiring tournament poker player to have in their arsenal.  The $15 license is good for one Windows PC and there are confirmed reports that Mac and iPhone versions are on their way.  For now, Poker Push Bot is a great and inexpensive tool that tournament players should use to improve their play.

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