Ultimate Bet Updates Software, Discontinues Use of Nickname

Date: 2009-09-10
Author: Dan Cypra

Now that the 2009 World Series of Poker (WSOP) has come and gone, life can return to normal in the online poker world. Developers at Ultimate Bet, which makes its home on the popular CEREUS Network along with sister site Absolute Poker, have been hard at work rolling out a brand new software update. The new version eradicates the word “Nickname” from the virtual felts of Ultimate Bet. Now, only a person’s user name is shown. Also, Ultimate Bet has also overhauled its player transfer system in order to curb unauthorized transfers.

Now, your user name will appear everywhere on Ultimate Bet. From the login screen when you first sign in to tournament leaderboards, your user name will appear more often than Coors Light ads during an NFL game. In popularizing a player’s user name, Ultimate Bet discontinued the use of nicknames to avoid any confusion. Text found on the Ultimate Bet Blog, which broke the story of the software update, explains, “We’ve also discontinued the use of the word ‘nickname’ so that everyone is on the same page. This will make it easier if you ever need to contact Customer Support.” You’ll also find your user name in the Cashier and at the tables, as always.

Ultimate Bet gave its player transfer feature a facelift. Previously, this was a Wild West, with transfers going every which way. Now, an extra special layer of security exists in order to ensure that player transfers are made properly. You can outline a list of trusted players to receive money from and ban other players from doing so. I can’t say I’ve ever had anyone send me money unexpectedly online, but here’s your big chance to ensure that all of your transactions are above water. Summing up this important change, the Ultimate Bet Blog comments, “In order for you to be able to transfer funds to another player, the player receiving the funds must have you on their ‘trusted’ list or have this feature set to ‘all.’”

In May, Ultimate Bet’s software update included the addition of ante games, which typically up the level of action at a table due to more money being in the pot pre-flop. In addition to antes, blinds are also paid in typical fashion, creating fast action and big paydays. A special final table view in multi-table tournaments was introduced as were automatic tournament pop ups for players who become disconnected or accidentally close the Ultimate Bet client. When you re-launch the online poker room, tournaments automatically open back up, minimizing your time away from the tables.

According to PokerScout.com, which keeps tabs on online poker room traffic, the CEREUS Network is the seventh largest worldwide with a seven-day running average of 1,860 real money ring game players. During peak hours, which occur in the evening in the United States, nearly 3,000 players can be found on its tables. Its traffic is comparable with that found on the independent site Everest Poker and Boss Media’s International Poker Network.

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