Control Your Tilt with Tilt Demon

Date: 2009-11-27
Author: Jayme Lyttle

We have all had those days at the tables where no matter what we do, we just can’t seem to get things going our way.  Our aces and kings get cracked over and over, our flushes lose to higher flushes, we lose set over set, and the list goes on.  This can be very frustrating and, for some players, can induce the tendency to go on tilt and lose money unnecessarily by playing in a way that we wouldn’t have under normal circumstances.  As difficult as overcoming tilt may be, we have a brand new program that will analyze our game for us and help determine a good stop/loss point.  

Tilt Demon analyzes your game by importing hands from Holdem Manager or PokerTracker and determining your profit and losses.  If your loss exceeds the amount you set, say four buy-ins, the software will notify you, telling you that you have exceeded your maximum loss amount, and giving you four minutes to close your poker client; otherwise, it will automatically close it for you.  Tilt Demon will not allow you to open any poker client for whatever time frame you determine that is suitable for you.  One important thing to note is that Tilt Demon bases its calculations on each session, not the amount you have won or lost on the day.  Ultimately, you control the settings, so you can configure the software’s functions the way you need them.

Tilt Demon even provides a Holdem Report that will calculate the money you would have saved if you had used Tilt Demon.  This report will allow you to justify the money you will spend on the software.  You can run the report based on amount lost, hours played, and hands played.  This will tell you if you play more optimal when are up or down certain amounts, when you play for certain lengths of time, or when you have played a certain number of hands.  Once calculated, you will quickly see your results and draw an immediate conclusion as to when you play your best:

Perhaps one of the most important statistics reported is BB/100 over different stop/loss amounts.  For example, if you ran the report based on the amount won or lost playing 100NL over a 100,000 hand sample size where you ran over +5bb/100 for the total sample size, you might find out the following about your rate:

At a stop loss of (-$300) you were at -2bb/100
At a stop loss of (-$250) you were at +3bb/100
At a stop loss of (-$200) you were at +6bb/100
At a stop loss of (-$150) you were at +6.7bb/100
At a stop loss of (-$100) you were at +8.7bb/100
At a stop loss of (-$50) you were at +8.5bb/100

At a stop loss of (+$300) you were at -2.5bb/100
At a stop loss of (+$200) you were at -2bb/100
At a stop loss of (+$150) you were at +0.57bb/100
At a stop loss of (+$100) you were at +1bb/100
At a stop loss of (+$100) you were at +2.5bb/100

In this example, you can see that this player is at their worst when they are up the most.  A good recommendation may be to take a break when they are up two to three buy-ins and come back with a fresh start.  Most people will say that you should keep playing as long as the game is good, but this is only true if you are also playing well. 

Tilt Demon shows signs of being a really useful product.  The software is about to enter beta testing and will be released to the public soon after.  Tilt Demon is currently seeking beta testers and offering the product for half price to those who participate.     
As always, if you have questions, please make a post in the Software Discussion forum and we will find out what we can from the developers.

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