PokerTableRatings Now Supports Omaha

Date: 2009-11-02
Author: Dan Cypra

PokerTableRatings is already one of the most established websites in the online poker industry and, with its latest feature, might become even bigger.  PokerTableRatings is a hand history tracking website that posts records of cash game player results and resells hand histories that can be imported into Holdem Manager and PokerTracker 3.  Over the weekend, the site’s new Omaha tracking feature went live and is now available to all of its members.  Membership to the site is free after a standard registration process.

Although the feature isn't totally blown out yet, hands are being tracked and reports are available for players within the PokerTableRatings database.  The popular top winners and top losers aren't available for Omaha just yet, but every player that you look up will have Omaha stats.  For example, if you search for Peter Eastgate, winner of the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event, you will see his regular profile.  Next to the summary, you will now find two new items, Hold'em and Omaha.  These are broken out and, if clicked on, reveal specific stats for that particular game.

In the case of Eastgate, things aren't going so well at the Hold'em games since April 2nd, as he's lost over $200,000.  He's faring a bit better at Omaha, as he's logged a very modest 1,186 hands for a profit of $5,624.  Other stats shown in this report include rake paid, rakeback, BB/100, tilt score, hot or not score, and bot score.  Although the graphs haven't been updated in the player profile (strictly Hold'em hands for now), the "Sessions" tab will report Omaha hands.  In the case of Eastgate’s Omaha ventures, his last session was on November 2nd for a miniscule 14 hands; Eastgate dropped a cool $20,000.

Within the Sessions tab, you can click on the "+" symbol to break out details of a session by exposing all of the tables played at that time.  In Eastgate's case, it was just one table that he played on.  From there, you can once again click on the "+" symbol and see every hand played.  The report gives the hand number, starting cards (if known), position, net won/lost, pot size, and what time the hand occurred.  If you click on the hand number, which is hyperlinked, the PokerTableRatings replayer will come up.  During this session, we see that Eastgate started with 3-K-A-J single-suited to clubs and airballed the flop, which he shoved only to get called by "ktreiu," who had a massive draw and hit.  Thanks to the replayer, I can see that Eastgate promptly lost $19,395.

There's a lot to be seen for some of the big name pros that play Omaha nosebleed games.  Beyond the Durrrr Challenge, it's common for players like Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey to play games like $500-$1,000 Pot Limit Omaha on occasion, as they did on November 2nd.  Thanks to rivering quads, Phil Ivey made $200,000 in 35 hands spanning 27 minutes.  One of the most staggering days ever seen in history is the -$1,324,422 Dwan recorded on November 2nd against various opponents such as the aforementioned Ivey, Patrik Antonius, and Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies.

As Omaha games grow in popularity due to its wild nature and the potentially huge profits it can bring, the Omaha tracking will only create more intrigue for visitors of PokerTableRatings.  The site has added a huge dimension of depth to its content service in addition to all of the other resources it can provide for players.  From offering custom hand history solutions to a table finder program and even a fish-finding buddy list, PokerTableRatings is becoming a hot destination for online poker playing regulars.  With the addition of Omaha tracking, we'll be able to see more than ever before.

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