SNG Wizard Issues Update with MTT Quiz Mode

Date: 2009-11-15
Author: JD McNamara

If you haven’t checked out SNG Wizard, one of the most powerful automated Independent Chip Modeling (ICM) programs available, now might be the time. SNG Wizard’s technical team has just released a software update that fixes some minor bugs and adds a bunch of new features that have the program running more efficiently than ever.

Already a Recommended Software program in our SNG Tools section, SNG Wizard boasts more instructional features than many of its competitors. SNG Wizard’s greatest strength is its ability to teach players - so that they actually learn as they use the program - instead of just telling them what to do without giving a reason. The software features excellent tutorials that familiarize users with the program quickly, a simple and easy-to-use graphic interface, and a quiz feature that speeds up the learning curve exponentially.

Players can also analyze hands to check their decision-making process and generate graphs to develop better end-stage SNG play. SNG Wizard will teach you how to play textbook late-stage SNG poker; since that’s where the money is, the program will stabilize your game and hopefully improve your results.

What’s that? You’re more of a multi-table tournament (MTT) player? With the latest upgrade, SNG Wizard has implemented a new and improved quiz mode that supports MTTs. When you select the MTT structure and ICM equity mode, the quiz will come up with late-stage and final table scenarios with the correct number of total chips. Also included in the update are Cake Poker tournament structures, including turbo, 20 player, and step satellite tournaments. In addition, the following bugs have been fixed:

- The previously absent 2,500/5,000 blind level has been added to 180-man PokerStars tournament structures.
- OnGame hand histories that incorrectly labeled the big blind as the small blind are now being imported.
- The problem importing Cake hand history blinds with comma delimiters has been fixed.
- Fifth place payout to GiocoDigitale No Limit Hold’em Step 2 structures has been added.
- The bug in custom opponent models where effective stacks less than 3 big blinds were computed incorrectly has been fixed.
- Import of Party Poker blinds for German step tournaments have been added.
- The problem in game summary view where opponent Call% ranges were displayed in the Open% field has been fixed.

Since SNG Wizard is already at or near the top of its market, the latest update ensures that the software is being constantly upgraded and tweaked to suit customers’ needs. To date, there have been well over 200 published updates of SNG Wizard, which are always free to customers who have already purchased the program.

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