Table Ninja and TableNinjaFT Introduce November Updates

Date: 2009-11-28
Author: Sean Gibson

As poker software evolves, some programs go by the wayside and become useless.  Approximately one year ago, AHK scripts were all the rage in the poker software industry, as players would load up three, four, or even more scripts simultaneously to handle simple automated tasks at the poker table.  The goal was to make basic poker table interaction streamlined so that players could add more tables to their sessions.  As time wore on, AHK scripts began to break and eventually, in the case of Full Tilt Poker, became unusable thanks to a fundamental shift in the architecture of the poker site’s software.

Because many AHK scripts were freeware without support, they died, while commercial programs like Table Ninja thrived with new updates and a growing pool of players.  As Table Ninja grew in popularity and recorded solid sales numbers, the company saw an opportunity with the players at Full Tilt Poker who only had one alternative.

With the release of TableNinjaFT, the development team at Table Ninja had two commercial poker software programs that would be updated on a regular basis to ensure support for both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.  Poker players could purchase them knowing that all of the features they wanted would actually work and have the peace of mind to know that if a change occurs, they’ll be an update available.

Recently, there have been updates to both Table Ninja and TableNinjaFT.  Table Ninja, the program dedicated to the world’s largest poker room, PokerStars, released Version earlier this month.  Version introduced seven new features including automatically handling the big blind, automatically detecting the Windows theme setting, customizable 3bet % option, and new icons.  Update addressed six bug features that fixed an issue where themes were detected as unsupported due to choice of deck, an issue where tournament lobbies were not detected on the Italian version of PokerStars, and slight performance improvements for frame drawing.

Table Ninja’s last big update was for Version, which added five new features and addressed two bug fixes: an “On-Screen Display (Beta)” tab with a “Stack Size in BB” feature, support for two custom Table Ninja themes provided by, a “Pot Box is Covered” warning message, performance improvements, and enhancements to the look and feel of Table Ninja.  The two bug fixes concerned an error where frames were getting stuck in non-aero themes in Vista and mouse hotkeys were not initializing properly in Windows 7.

The most recent update,, addressed three big bugs.  The first caused rare .NET Framework errors.  The second was a bug where assigning the “Disable Hotkeys” to a mouse hotkey would cause an error.  The last bug fix was changing the on-screen display to handle No Limit tournaments with special names.

The last three builds of TableNinjaFT for Full Tilt Poker have addressed a total of three bug fixes.  Version fixed an issue that made the “Table in Foreground” mode compatible with the new Full Tilt Poker software update.  Version fixed a bug where hotkeys were occasionally depressing buttons by not clicking on them.  Finally, Version made the application compatible with a server-side change.

Word has come that a new build is coming with some new features for TableNinjaFT, including auto seating, auto buy-in, and one-click sit and go tournament registration.

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