Table Ninja Update Includes 3bet Options, Easier Configuration

Date: 2009-11-05
Author: Sean Gibson

Table Ninja is a hotkey and utilities program developed for online poker players who grind out games on PokerStars.  Table Ninja provides fully customizable hotkeys and tools that make playing on the world's largest poker site easier and more efficient.  It's designed to automate redundant tasks so players can make multi-tabling simpler, which allows more tables at once.  Recently, the developers of Table Ninja announced that they were creating a version to work on Full Tilt Poker called TableNinjaFT.

Table Ninja is a standalone program for Windows XP and Vista, with reports that Windows 7 fully supports the program.  The cost of Table Ninja is $60 and if a user wants to purchase it with only six months of free updates, the cost is $35.  Table Ninja is also available through our Free Software program.

The last two updates for Table Ninja released a bevy of new features and bug fixes.  Update had seven new features including:

- Added an "Import Config" option in the file menu that loads a configuration without changing the setup tab. This makes it easier to share a configuration with a friend.
- Added new icons to Table Ninja
- Supports the "No Images" theme on PokerStars
- Added a customizable 3bet percentage option in the default bet area
- Removed the Vista theme setting, as it is now automatically detected
- Created a pop-up window for Table Ninja Setup that automatically configures the Hand History folder and PokerStars theme

The most recent edition of TableNinja is and was released only a short time ago.  This update features six major bug fixes:

- Slight performance improvements for frame drawing
- Fixed a bug for using sit and go betting as the default pre-flop bet
- Fixed certain icon sizes that would display the old logo
- Fixed a bug where tournament lobbies were not detected on
- Fixed a bug where waitlist hotkeys would warn the user if pressed when a table had popped into the foreground
- Fixed a bug where themes were detected as unsupported due to which deck was chosen

The latest version of Table Ninja can be downloaded from the Table Ninja website under the "Downloads" section.  For those poker players on PokerStars who haven't used Table Ninja yet, there's a fully featured free trial to try it out.

TableNinjaFT was announced in August and is currently in a public beta testing phase where anyone can download and use the program for free.  Whenever a bug is experienced, players are encouraged to leave feedback by posting in the TableNinjaFT forum threads so future builds can be improved.

The first update for TableNinjaFT was version (BETA), which added one new feature and fixed two bugs.  The new feature was a "Disable Default Bets" option to the General tab.  Fixed in this build were a bug where "Fold to Any" was clicking the "Make a Deal" button in tournaments and a bug involving pot percentage hotkeys.

The most recent edition of TableNinjaFT is (BETA), which added another new feature and fixed new issues.   Added into the program were increment/decrement bet hotkeys to the "Action Hotkeys" tab.  The three bug fixes in this build include:

- Fixed an issue with mouse hotkeys when using Windows 7
- Fixed a bug where TableNinjaFT was incorrectly identifying tournament pop-ups
- Fixed a bug where Full Tilt tables would steal focus from other applications

Just like Table Ninja, the Full Tilt edition of the program can be downloaded from the TableNinjaFT website in the “Downloads” section.  Currently, the program is being tested and is free to all during the beta phase.  Once the beta is finished, the developers of the program are expected to announce a pricing model structure for TableNinjaFT that mimics what is in place for the PokerStars edition.

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