Time Bank Butler: Auto-Time Bank Clicker for Full Tilt Poker

Date: 2009-11-11
Author: Jayme Lyttle

The number of people who play multiple tables at once is arguably at an all-time high.  Players who once opened one table at a time now regularly play four or more.  This is in part due to players realizing that putting in higher volume can increase their expected value at the tables and has forced players to become more comfortable multi-tabling.

However, being comfortable multi-tabling doesn’t mean that it is not difficult at times.  For example, you only have a certain amount of time to react on each table, which means if your volume gets too high, you can time out and automatically fold your hands without knowing it.  You don’t want to rush your decisions, but you don’t want to time out either.  Thanks to a brand new program, timing out while playing on Full Tilt Poker will no longer be a problem.

Time Bank Butler is a program that automatically clicks your time bank when it appears so that you do not have those unfortunate timeouts.  The program works with any theme and table layout, so you are not locked into using specific table themes like some tools out there require.  Many players prefer to stack their tables, which only displays the one requiring action.  Time Bank Butler will even auto-click the time bank for the hidden tables.  You can also have your tables minimized and the software still works.  If you have a custom mod that you use for the Full Tilt Poker client, you can use the program with those themes as well.  Here's a sneak preview:

Time Bank Butler supports tournaments, cash games, and any other form of poker that displays a time bank.  The program even supports 64-bit Windows Vista.

Let’s take a look at how to get started:

1) Download Time Bank Butler
2) Run the .exe file you downloaded
3) Finish the setup and launch the Full Tilt Poker client
4) Launch Time Bank Butler

Time Bank Butler runs in the background, so there are no customizations needed to use it.  Just run the program and play poker.  The program will automatically minimize to the tool tray, so you will not even know it’s running.  Unlike many other programs out there, Time Bank Butler doesn’t take away focus from other windows or programs.  For example, if you are chatting in an instant message client and a hand pops up on one of your tables, it will not pull attention away from the chat client.

Time Bank Butler is a great alternative for those who just need one or two features to help out at the tables instead of purchasing a program that offers a suite of features that you will likely not use anyway.  The product comes with a seven-day free trial and costs just $25 for a lifetime license.  Although Time Bank Butler has just one function currently, there are many more features coming in releases in the very near future, so don’t let the $25 price tag scare you.  You will be getting much more bang for your buck very soon.  The software developer plans to release a table manager application in just a few weeks.

Stop timing out at the tables.  Try Time Bank Butler for free and see just what you are missing.  If you have any questions or concerns about the product, please make a post in the Software Discussion Forum and we will be there to address them.

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