Announces Player of the Year Voting

Date: 2009-12-24
Author: Sean Gibson

Announced on December 18th, the Player of the Year awards will be voted on by anyone who has a registered account on the site, which is free of charge.  Voting started the day of the announcement and will conclude on December 31st.  What visitors to the site have to do after registering is visit their favorite player’s profile page and cast a vote.  Each registered user at receives ten votes to distribute as they please and can cast multiple votes for one individual.

The rules for the competition are fairly simple.  There are ten total Player of the Year awards up for grabs, five each distributed across Hold’em and Omaha games at various stakes.  The stakes have been distributed among the following levels:

Nosebleed Stakes: $100/$200 blinds and up
High Stakes: $10/$20 through $50/$100
Mid Stakes: $2/$4 through $5/$10
Low Stakes: $0.50/$1 through $1/$2
Micro Stakes: $0.25/$0.50 and below

In order to be eligible for a Player of the Year award, a person must have played at least 10,000 hands at that stake in 2009 and those who have played between levels are eligible for more than one award.  To vote for a player, users should go to that player’s profile page, check the buttons for the award they would like to vote for, and hit “Submit.”  Each single checked box counts for one vote and the site has said that it will not undo votes or give out freebies if someone makes a mistake.

Once all of the votes are counted, the players with the most votes in each category will be declared the Player of the Year for that level.  What’s at stake?  A shiny new badge that will be displayed on all winning players’ profile pages.

The voting so far has been the subject of conversation, as ballots have been pouring in.  Some players have been grandstanding themselves and even offering $1 for each vote on the TwoPlusTwo forums.  Others are simply voting for the players they feel best deserve the honor.  However it goes, it’ll be strictly up to the users who get a vote in the competition.

There are quite a few familiar names in the Nosebleed category.  The current leader for both the Hold’em and Omaha awards is “Isildur1,” who famously won and lost a fortune playing the highest stakes of online poker.  In both cases, Isildur1 leads Tom “durrrr” Dwan despite the fact that Isildur1 has lost $2.65 million online, while Dwan has won $3.67 million.

Another player leads two categories for both the High Stakes and Mid Stakes Hold’em awards, “nanonoko,” who has won over $1 million in 2009.  In both categories, he has a huge lead and looks like a lock to win the award.

In the Low Stakes and Micro Stakes Hold’em categories, “water boat” leads by a huge margin, with players like “Chiren80” and “jrockhaf” climbing the boards for the Low Stakes award.

For the Omaha awards, High Stakes player “Skjervøy” has a solid lead thanks to his massive $483,059 profit for the year.  Although “Browndog19” has had a bigger year at $679,372, he trails the leader by over 160 votes.  In the Mid Stakes category, we see “Skjervøy” lead again, but this time only by 12 votes over “DonkPredator” and 15 votes over “SoCalQuest” at the time of writing.  Finally, in the Micro Stakes Omaha voting, “MRobot” leads with 231 votes.

The voting is still going on at and if you haven’t cast your votes yet, it’s not too late to vsisit the site and register so you can get in on the fun.

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