TableTiler: Tile Tables Across Multiple Sites with AutoHotKey

Date: 2009-12-07
Author: Jayme Lyttle

Playing poker across multiple online poker sites simultaneously has become the norm for many in the industry.  Some do so in effort to track down fish, while others play on multiple sites to find the games that fit their buy-in and structure preferences.  Some players are turned off by playing multiple sites at once because they just don’t have the tools needed to manage multiple tables.  For example, some poker sites do not offer resizable tables and, if they do, there are very few tools to help auto-arrange them.

Thanks to AutoHotKey (AHK), we can manipulate online poker clients in just about any way that we need.  Just a couple of days ago, a brand new AHK script was released that will make tiling your poker tables across multiple sites simultaneously very simple.  The script is simply called TableTiler by Thois.  It allows you to have tables open on various sites with the ability to tile up to 16 with a simple wheel click on your mouse.  Just like all AHK scripts, you can customize which button you want to be the action button to perform the tiling.  The concept is simple, but the script is very useful.

Here is how you get started using TableTiler by Thois:

1) Get a copy of TableTiler
2) Copy and paste the script into a new .ahk file
3) Edit the script to define the online poker sites you want to use it with as well as the X and Y positions of each table you wish to tile
4) Save and close the file
5) To run the script, double click the file you just created

There are other table tiling scripts out there, but choosing one you like may just be a matter of preference.  Some scripts require a little more customization than others, but generally speaking, the more you customize scripts to meet your needs, the more stable they become.

Customizing TableTiler requires changing two settings.  You will need to define the “class name” for each poker site you wish to use with the script.  You can find this value by activating Window Spy, which is included in the AHK download.  Load Window Spy and activate a table, then copy and paste the text behind “ahk_class” into the appropriate field when editing the script.  This value is what the script uses to identify what the tables are called on a particular poker site.  You will then need to define the size you want each table to be by entering the X and Y positions.  Once this is done, using the script is as simple as double clicking the file you created.

TableTiler by Thois will take the headache out of arranging your tables.  The script uses virtually no resources, so you will not see any performance issues while using it.  It runs in the background, so you won’t even know it’s running. Not to mention, it’s free, so give it a shot.

As always, if you have questions, problems, or any other concerns please make a post in the AHK forum and we will be thepre to help.

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