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Date: 2010-01-14
Author: JD McNamara

Have you ever read one of our software reviews and thought that we weren’t tough enough on the product? If so, we’ve got the perfect promotion for you. All you have to do is write a short review – at least 250 words – of any piece of software on our site and you could win a chance to get the free software of your choice. That’s right, if you jot down more than 250 words about Poker Push Bot or Calculatem Pro or anything else we have here, you could end up walking away with a copy of PokerTracker 3 for your efforts… on us.

Your job is simple: tell our readers – your fellow users – why they should use a certain product. Don’t hold back either; make sure you let us know what you dislike and what you want to see improved about whichever piece of software you’re reviewing.

The requirements are simple:
1. Your review must be longer than 250 words.
2. It must be original. We're looking for user reviews here, not stuff from other sites or even our own.
3. Submit your review by replying to our official thread in Software Discussion. This is the only way to submit your review to us.

The contest closes on Wednesday, January 20th. We'll be giving away one piece of software to the person whose review is randomly selected from all of the eligible reviews. If this is successful, we’ll do it again and offer numerous freebies.

Visit the Software Discussion forum and submit a review today!

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