Poker Copilot Now Supports Rush Poker

Date: 2010-02-22
Author: Sean Gibson

The first true hand history tracking utility for Mac users was Poker Copilot, with its second edition, Poker Copilot 2, released at the end of last year.  In recent weeks, several exciting updates have occurred, bringing more and more interest to this longstanding tracking and analysis software. As part of the ongoing process to make Poker Copilot 2 the best program it possibly can be, its developers have released constant updates.  These are cataloged on the blog section of its official website and updated every few days.

On January 26th, an update was released that addressed a serious issue that broke Poker Copilot because of a PokerStars update.  Version 2.29 of the program had to be patched, which only takes a few moments.  Players should download the latest edition of the software and then drag the Poker Copilot icon to the Applications folder.  Once that process is complete, the patch is in place and PokerStars will start to work again.

The very next day, Poker Copilot 2.29 became an official release.  The major improvements that came from it included:

- Works with the latest PokerStars update
- You can now star specific hands for later review
- Absolute Poker is now supported
- Almost all screens should be faster, between five times and 100 times
- By default, “Recent Hands” will show only 1,000 hands.  In the performance panel, you can change this up to 10,000.
- There is now a stronger separation of ring games and tournaments in the user interface

PokerStars users weren’t the only ones to get good news about a major update.  For weeks, programmers behind Poker Copilot had been working on a Rush Poker solution.  Rush Poker is a game exclusively found on Full Tilt Poker and features fast-paced action where players are moved to a different table instantly after every hand.

On January 29th, Rush Poker enthusiasts were greeted with a wonderful gift with the 2.30 update.  Players, after applying this update, will need to manually turn off the normal Heads-Up Display (HUD) by pressing the pause button.  Then, they will need to turn on this HUD by selecting “Window” and then “Rush Poker HUD Window.”

The next major update for the program was released on February 4th and was reported to be mostly bug fixes.  The items that changed in this release include:

- Added an optional “Last Seen” column to player, stake, position, and hand type summaries
- Added position column to recent hands summary
- Added auto-detection of hands that another product may have moved out of your default hand history folders
- Removed the confusing “Chart Properties” from chart context menus

Items that were fixed as part of the 2.31 release include:

- Hand replayer correctly shows mucked hands from Full Tilt
- PokerStars eight-max tables are supported in the Hand Replayer and HUD
- Fixed a problem where Full Tilt hands caused Poker Copilot to crash when opened in the replayer
- PokerStars 10-max tables sometimes assigned mucked cards to the wrong person in the Hand Replayer and Mucked Cards window

Poker Copilot 2.31 is exclusively available to Mac users on the OS X operating system.  It supports Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker and features an on-table HUD with real-time stat updates.  Check out Poker Copilot for more information.

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