PokerTableRatings Premium Debuts

Date: 2010-05-05
Author: Sean Gibson

After being hinted at months in advance and undergoing a lengthy beta process, PokerTableRatings Premium debuted in recent days.  This new edition of the site allows you to access in-depth analysis of all of the players in the database.

The Premium feature can be found by looking up a player using the search feature and clicking on the “Premium” tab, which is in between the “Overview” and “Analysis” sections.  Inside, you will find five buttons to the left of the navigation and one to the right.  The ones on the left are “General,” “Results,” “Positions,” “Vs,” and “Compare.”  The one on the right is called “Web HUD.”

Inside the “General” feature, you can filter by stakes and date range.  Below the filters are six sections, starting with an overall performance section that shows total hands, bottom line win/loss, and detailed stats like VPIP, PFR, AF, and WTSD.  Next to those stats is a chart that shows VPIP, PFR, AF, and Check-Raise percentage in a quadrant graph.  The remaining sections are laid out by street: pre-flop, flop, turn, river, and showdown.  Inside each of those sections are specific stats about that street.

For example, in the pre-flop area, you’ll see a player’s VPIP, cold call, PFR, 3bet, 4bet, steals blinds, and folded to steal statistics.  In the flop section, you'll find saw flop, AF, continuation bet, fold, call, bet, raise, and check-raise stats.  These stats are also found in the turn and river sections.  In the showdown area are went to showdown and won money at showdown stats.

In the “Results” tab is a chart of all of the hands and results played out over time as line and bar graphs merged into one.  You can click and drag the mouse to zoom in on the graph.  Below that are each day’s net profit or loss, rake paid, hands played, hands won, saw flop, VPIP, and PFR.  Once again, you can filter by stakes or date range.

The “Positions” tab brings up a chart that shows a table with six positions featuring each position’s profit, hands played, VPIP, and PFR.  Players can see stats played out by position including hands, net won/lost, VPIP, PFR, hands won, saw flop, W$WSF, WTSD, and W$WSD in a chart on the same tab.

In the tab called “Vs,” users can compare all of the opponents a person has faced.  You can sort by name of the opponent, hands played, net won/loss, and navigate to the “Compare” section.  If you click on the “Compare” link, you will be taken to a section that loads up one player’s stats and creates a side-by-side comparison.  If you click on the “Compare” button without first going into the “Vs” tab, you’ll need to enter the screen name of a player to compare them to.

The “Web HUD” searches poker rooms for ones that you might be sitting at and provides a makeshift HUD with basic stats for the players at your table like VPIP, AF, and PF.  This way, if you don’t have any stats on the players you are sitting with, you can refer to the Web HUD for help.  It's a convenient Heads-Up Display.

Be sure to visit PokerTableRatings to check out the site’s new features as well as the services they offer, including providing fresh hand histories at competitive prices.

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