Poker Sleuth Adds Scripting Interface to Equity Calculator

Date: 2010-07-12
Author: Sean Gibson

Success in No Limit Hold’em involves knowing your opponents and your equity in a hand.  There are a few tools out there that handle these individual tasks, but only a select few can do both.  One of the more popular pieces of software that can do a ton for you at the tables is Poker Sleuth, which just released version to the public.  The program allows you to compute equity ranges for hands, view live statistics on a Heads-Up Display (HUD) at the table, note hands with one click, review your play via hand histories, and analyze opponents.

The team at Poker Sleuth recently added a scripting interface to its Equity Calculator so that other programmers can leverage it.  This will allow programmers to perform hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of equity calculations.  For people who program in C, C++, or C#, you will need to copy over “montecarlo.dll” from the Poker Sleuth installation directory to where your program resides on your hard drive.  For Python, the module will automatically find it within the default Poker Sleuth install directory.

Programmers should be aware that the “montecarlo.dll” file is 32-bit; if you run a 64-bit system, you will need to build your program in a 32-bit format in order to access it and have it function.

The Poker Sleuth License Agreement allows you to use the programmable equity calculator only for personal use and it cannot be made to create a commercial program.  If you wish to create a product or web service that uses the Poker Sleuth calculator, you can contact their team via e-mail.

Other fixes recently released include the PokerStars hand history not detecting correctly and a race condition in the HUD.  Two small patches were released on July 2nd and 3rd, where a fix for the digital signatures was addressed and a fix for a crash issue in the player analyzer was released.

There have been three minor patches released in the last week that have taken care of six different issues.  The first one fixed an intermittent crash that would occur after using the automatic updater and also corrected an issue on Vista and XP that would cause Poker Sleuth to exit at startup with no message.  The second patch fixed scripts to work with Python 2.6 and switched to a ctypes-based winreg implementation for Unicode support.  The last patch fixed a crash when using the “Copy” button in the table layout tab and also detected unsupported permission configurations to notify the user and prevent further crashes.

Poker Sleuth has a free fully featured 30-day trial that can be downloaded at the Poker Sleuth website.  The list price of the program is $69.  You can also get Poker Sleuth free through

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