Excel on PartyPoker with Party Tools

Date: 2010-11-24
Author: Nick Chappell

Party Tools is an intuitive piece of software that enables players to get the most out of their play on PartyPoker. Poker Tools provides a wealth of automated features that make multi-tabling a breeze, including convenient hotkeys for all of your actions at the tables. Players who utilize Party Tools will be able to play more hands on more tables more efficiently than ever before. If you are a serious PartyPoker player and are looking to improve your poker experience, Party Tools is a must have.

Party Tools is easy to download and install. The process involves a quick download, extracting a few files, and then clicking on the “Starter Tool.” Once you have the software open, you can begin customizing your PartyPoker experience. You can add hotkey commands for folding, calling, checking, betting, raising, betting the pot, going all-in, calling from the small blind, check/folding, call any, raise any, check/call, and bet/raise. It's a solid MTT tool.

You can also add different bet scripts with different raise amounts. For example, you can set up various keys to represent a 2x, 3x, or 4x big blind raise (or any other increment you might want).   Familiarizing yourself with these hotkeys will allow you to play poker mouse-free with your actions reduced to a few quick keystrokes.

Party Tools can be utilized at cash game tables, multi-table tournaments, and sit and gos alike. At cash game tables, players will enjoy the auto-rebuy feature, enabling you to select the amount of money that you want to rebuy for at various limits. This allows you to reload quickly and get back in the action. You can set Party Tools to check the “Wait for BB" and “Auto-Post Blind” buttons as well.  If you prefer playing at nine- or ten-handed tables, you can set Party Tools to automatically sit you out if the number of players at the table falls below your chosen threshold.

One of the areas where Poker Tools truly shines is its long list of helpful sit and go features. As experienced grinders will tell you, one of the most difficult aspects of playing numerous sit and gos at one time is maintaining the number of tables you are playing. When you are prompted to make a decision every couple of seconds, it is often difficult to register for the next sit and go or close the one that just finished.

Fortunately, Poker Tools has the ability to perform both of those tasks for you, automatically registering you in your game of choice while simultaneously closing the tournaments you are no longer participating in. These features allow you to focus all of your attention on the decisions on the virtual felt.

Poker Tools will also help you log your data, letting you know exactly how many sit and gos you are currently registered for or playing in, how much rake you have contributed during your session, and how many times you have finished in first, second, or third place. The software even has a display showing all of the tournaments you are in, what the buy-ins are, what level the blinds are, how many chips you have, how many chips you are behind the chip leader, and your rank at the table.

The built-in Heads-Up Display (HUD) is also very valuable, as it projects your position at the table and in the tournament onto the table itself for easy access.

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