PokerOffice Introduces Customizable Overlay Stats

Date: 2010-12-29
Author: Sean Gibson

The big news coming out of the Poker Office camp involves a brand new update.  When playing online poker and having Poker Office up and running, key statistics are displayed in an overlay and updated in real-time.  With the newest release from Poker Office developers, users can move the stats and icons around as they wish for a custom layout.

To move the overlay stats, simply hold down the left mouse button.  There are now multiple stat areas in the overlay and it’s possible to have several different ones for each player.  There are an unlimited number of stat rows in the overlay and all of the numbers are instantly updated.  There is a specific overlay menu and an improved overlay settings dialog.

Poker Office features real-time opponent statistics and betting patterns.  The poker tracking program will overlay statistics directly on the table you are playing at and can also calculate pot odds, outs, and probabilities.  You will be able to review your game, find leaks, and replay any hand, tournament, or session you desire.  Poker Office will show your opponents’ mucked cards and proudly supports over 170 online poker rooms.

When playing online, Poker Office will track all of your opponents’ actions as well as your own game and does not need hand histories or user input.  It stores all of the collected data and brings you summary reports along with spreadsheets and graphs about you and opponents.

The overlay, otherwise known as a Heads-Up Display (HUD), will display stats, player actions, and odds on the actual poker table.  The overlays show opponent stats next to each player and offer real-time action history for the ongoing hand.  The pot odds and future hand probabilities are shown on the table and each player has an icon to help you visualize their playing style.

Poker Office also comes armed with a fully functional hand replayer that can relive any number of hands for any specific session or tournament.  There are a number of special features for the hand replayer such as automatic pot odds, outs, best hand, and pot size.  It will also display exactly the same overlay in the replayer as you had during play to make it authentic.

For those of you who love graphs, this piece of software will satisfy your appetite.  There are new graphs to view any stat of choice.  They can, in turn, be used to analyze how a certain playing style affects the generated profit.  For example, you can alter the graph to show “Saw Flop Percentage” and “Aggression Factor” in the same graph and see how your winnings correlate with these parameters.  Within the graphing area, you can also zoom in and replay a certain area.  You can also group hands or filter graphs based on a large number of criteria.

Poker Office costs €99 per year and you can purchase a license by going to the official Poker Office website and using one of their secure online payment methods.  Poker Office Version 5.0 requires fairly modest hardware to run and supports Windows XP, Vista, and 7 operating system environments.  For those of you who like to “try before you buy,” Poker Office comes with a free trial that lets you import 300 hands.

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