PokerTracker Announces PT4

Date: 2011-06-14
Author: Paul Ellis

The online poker industry received a dose of extraordinary news on Monday, as PokerTracker celebrated its 10-year anniversary in style by unveiling PT4.  Players have weighed in with suggestions and ideas for improvement to the company’s third generation software and the results will be released in the coming months with a series of video previews.

“Our vision is no longer ours alone, it’s the vision of our users,” lauded PokerTracker executive Steven McLoughlin.  “We’re now interpreting the vision of the players to the best of our abilities by showing them video previews of the application in development. Our users can see what the program is going to look like based on their suggestions and then we’re going to comb through every single piece of feedback that we get and revise our software accordingly.”

PokerTracker4 will come with incredible renovations and changes.  McLoughlin previewed, “The two main differences come from amazing changes to the interface and the next generation HUD.  The new Vector HUD Engine is the crispest, cleanest HUD that has ever been released.  It’s the most responsive HUD ever with the most flexibility.”

McLoughlin elaborated, “With PokerTracker 3, you could already create your own custom stats if you wanted to.  But in PokerTracker 4, not only do you have your own custom stats, but you can also have the counts of the number of big blinds in your stack if you want.  You can look at your opponents’ information for just that session or the complete history of information against that player.”

Another exciting feature are the new HUD components, specifically the Toolbox.

McLoughlin explained, “The whole idea for the Toolbox is to be a one-stop-shop for pop-ups.  All of the most important decisions that you’d need pre-flop and post-flop are right there.”

New features and updates will continue to be released over time, but the new PT4 will launch with a completely redesigned hand replayer, money flow charts, quick filters, social media connections, and many more plug-ins that users will love.  PT4 will incorporate all of these additional plug-ins in the core package without users having to purchase add-ons.

One of the newest inclusions is a program called LeakTracker.  Said McLoughlin, “LeakTracker is a tool aimed at the amateur player, but it can also be used by the professional.  It was designed to provide the player with a statistical range analysis to help plug leaks in their game. You can basically define whether your game fits more in the median of winning players or if you’re outside the norm.  There are third-party applications that do this, but this is the first time that this has been included within the parent tracking application and is part of the base price without an additional fee."

The beta version of PT4 will be released some time at the end of the third quarter.  The finished product is a program that has no rivals and stands alone as a player-centric database management program aimed at taking the user’s game to the next level.

McLoughlin noted, “Instead of having to buy a poker tracking application and then spending another large amount on additional applications, we’ve just rolled it all into PokerTracker4.  This program is truly and completely the poker player’s vision and voice come to reality.”

Stay tuned to for the latest developments from PokerTracker. Also, check out our PokerTracker 3 review.

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Bar Nuthin's Comment

2011-06-14 18:12:57

Nice! The old replayer and reports made my eyes bleed. Screenshots from PokerTracker's blog look promising.

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