iToldem: The Ultimate Social Poker Software

Date: 2011-08-08
Author: David Huber

The team at iToldem has launched "The Ultimate Poker Software" for online poker players around the globe, allowing you to share videos, insights, and comments from your cash games and tournaments with friends, family, and anyone else you know.

iToldem is a unique social program that focuses on sharing online poker-related information with friends you select and is a breeze to use on Facebook and Twitter.  It records your hand histories in real-time and conveniently logs them for future use.  Say goodbye to hand history analysis on Skype and other IM programs.  With iToldem, everything is kept neatly in one location and is accessible with one easy click of the mouse.  There's even a handy widget you can display on a website like the one has on its home page:

You can instantly get feedback on a key hand, whether it resulted in a tournament victory or a horrendous bad beat, and invite your friends or simply those you wish to share hands with to comment.  There are four tabs available on the iToldem application: “Comments,” “Friends,” “Hands,” and “Notifications.”

Upon opening up iToldem, it is immediately apparent that the program was created and designed by specialists who are also active online poker players.  If you have a Twitter, e-mail, or Facebook account, you can instantly sign up for iToldem and install the application.  Once you've entered a specific poker room (or rooms) and begun playing, the hands will be displayed on the iToldem application in real-time and can be manually flagged for follow-up.

What's more, you'll also have access to all of your friends’ hand histories in real-time and can share them with your personal network. If you choose, iToldem can automatically send "hot" hands to your friends without getting in the way of the action at the tables.

Inviting friends can be done by e-mail or Facebook and is a simple process.  What's more, iToldem is a completely legal social networking tool that is specifically white-listed by PokerStars. The program complies with the Terms and Conditions of all supported online poker sites (well over 80) since hand histories are only published at the conclusion of each pot.

With iToldem, you'll receive real-time updates on when your friends start a tournament, are eliminated from a tournament, win a tournament, and are involved in a key hand.  All hands can be viewed in the hand replayer, which contains easy to interpret graphics and is user-friendly:

Download iToldem for free today and begin reaping the benefits of being able to share your hand histories with friends in one easy click of the mouse!

System Requirements for Installation:

* PC with a Pentium processor running Windows XP, Vista, or 7
* 10 MB available hard drive space
* Desktop resolution of 800x600 at 256 colors
* Not currently compatible with Mac or Linux


* Easy-to-use social networking tool
* Share key hands with your friends in real-time
* Store your hand histories for further review without the need of Skype or IM
* Completely free
* Works for all poker games and compatible with over 80 rooms

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