PokerTracker 4 Developers Break Down Currency Management Tools

Date: 2011-10-04
Author: Dan Cypra

The fourth video previewing new features in the upcoming commercial release of PokerTracker 4 was released on Sunday and focused on the software’s online currency management tools. The need to play in multiple currencies was originally addressed in PokerTracker 3, but the narration of the special video preview contended, “Players shouldn’t have to worry about currency conversion rates when choosing which table to play at or while tracking their win rate. This is why in PokerTracker 4, we have introduced the concepts of Game Currency and My Currency to simplify the process.”

Game Currency is just what you think it is: game cost expressed in currency played. Contrastingly, My Currency is the native currency you want to convert all games played into. What’s really slick about PokerTracker 4 is that the program will automatically convert all currency-related stats into My Currency using bank-provided historical rates. There are 29 currency options available, and you’re be able to have your winnings converted properly, in real-time for every single one of them.

Text found on the PokerTracker’s video page noted, “PT4 knows automatically when to display the Game Currency or the My Currency in the built-in reports, and for customization, there are Game Currency and My Currency stat versions for every monetary stat available.” Switching between Game Currency and My Currency is easy – just look for the dropdown menu on the left-hand side of the screen and select the one you want.

The PokerTracker 4 preview video continues by saying, “Unlike other poker applications, PokerTracker always uses the daily bank rate to ensure the conversion is always accurate unless otherwise modified by the end user… This allows you to play the games in any currency, while seeing the totals as they affect your bankroll in your chosen My Currency preference.”

Games on the iPoker Network, for example, are offered in multiple currencies. Now, users can play in any currency they’d like, but they’re able to get reports in their native currency. Instead of busting out Yahoo’s Currency Converter, as this author has done multiple times, you can let PokerTracker 4 do all of the legwork for you.

Moreover, PokerTracker 4 features a highly useful My C/100 stat, which displays your earnings in your native currency per 100 hands. PokerTracker 4 developers explained, “In prior versions of PokerTracker, this would be represented as $/100 regardless of the currency you played the game in, but in PokerTracker 4, we can present accurate win rates by converting the currency on the fly to your chosen currency.”

The video concludes by giving a compelling sales pitch for PokerTracker 4: “The new monetization features found in PokerTracker 4 make it a very powerful tool for reviewing your winnings. These are just a few of the revolutionary features of PokerTracker 4 to ensure that your game analysis is always accurately displayed in your native currency.”

Given the potpourri of country-specific online poker rooms out there, like Italian and French sites, the days of the entire industry playing on the U.S. Dollar have come and gone. Black Friday marked the definitive end of the U.S. Dollar being the currency supreme in the online poker world, and it’s exciting to see PokerTracker 4 embrace the worldwide aspect of the game.

In case you’re wondering, a public beta of PokerTracker 4 are expected sometime during the fourth quarter of this year, which is rapidly approaching. We’ll keep you posted on the latest PokerTracker 4 news right here on In the meantime, be sure to take a look at our PokerTracker review.

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