HH Smithy Breaks Bodog Anonymous Table Code

Date: 2011-12-17
Author: David Huber

HH Smithy, which sells bulk hand histories and recently informed online poker players about Full Tilt Poker's practice of confiscating users' Windows Product Keys, has broken the code of Bodog's new anonymous tables.

The move by Bodog, according to the site’s official site reps, is to ensure that recreational players are protected. In Bodog's view, casual poker players are an important part of the game and should be protected from sharks using Heads-Up Displays and other pieces of poker software.

As you’d expect, Bodog's move to offer anonymous tables was sharply criticized by several poker software sites. The companies argued that taking away the ability to store long-term results enables websites and malicious users to take advantage of customers without being detected. In short, anonymous tables make it impossible to collect information used in real-time HUDs.

In a three-minute video presentation by HH Smithy representative Kyle, an explanation is given on how the Bodog’s anonymous table software was exploited in less than three hours. The first major problem when it comes to Bodog, according to HHSmithy, is that it trusts the client, a significant violation of IT security since the client should never be trusted with sensitive information. Kyle goes on to compare the mistake to Sony's error when its PlayStation Network was hacked.

In a segment entitled "Security Through Obscurity," HHSmithy.com outlines how Bodog sends data to the client and then crosses its fingers that the software will not be subsequently analyzed. Basically, this issue is prevalent in other industries aside from online gaming where companies attempt to hide valuable information from users in an effort to safeguard highly sensitive information, which in the long-run is an ineffective way of providing security.

Kyle from HH Smithy adds that Bodog actually implements security measures that are worse than having an open network and WEP encryption on a wireless router. He argues that online poker players who use a WEP-secured wireless network are being tricked into thinking that their connection is secure when in fact information can be stolen within minutes by skilled hackers using certain programs.

Although Bodog tells its customers that playing on the site is safe and secure, the video explanation by Kyle from HH Smithy clearly demonstrates the opposite. He says that before, when Bodog’s tables weren't anonymous, users at least knew what they were getting into. But now, online poker players, especially recreational ones, are "tricked" into thinking they're participating in a poker game without risking being exploited, which is simply not true.

HH Smithy has made quite a reputation for itself in a short amount of time thanks to its technical expertise and policing of online poker sites' security measures. It has also cracked the code of PartyPoker’s anonymous tables and informed users about Full Tilt's practice of obtaining customers' Windows Product Keys.

If you're looking to purchase hand histories in an effort to bolster your database and make more profitable decisions at the virtual tables, HH Smithy is your one-stop shop. There are several plans available for any budget and stake. Subscription prices begin as low as $19.49, with bulk hand histories available for as low as $10. The site supports PokerStars, PartyPoker, the iPoker Network, and others. To find out more, visit HHSmithy.com.

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Bryan's Comment

2013-09-17 15:43:24

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Areck's Comment

2013-09-19 06:38:15

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Lena's Comment

2013-09-20 09:13:48

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Stella's Comment

2013-09-20 16:41:19

70K? There's that many playing at 4 in the monnirg on Tuesday! I was really just wondering if anyone else has had that experience. It has happened to me numerous times, where either I'm running bad and start going good as soon as the new software is in, or vice versa. It seems strange that it has happened so often, but it certainly could be that I'm expecting it, and then create my expectations. Just won a few bucks at hi/lo, and I'm just going to make sure that I keep playing my A game through the variance, site induced or not.


Kathy's Comment

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