PokerTableStats Announces Affiliate Program

Date: 2011-12-07
Author: David Huber

PokerTableStats, known for its real-time HUD software that stores valuable personal information within a cloud via external servers, has announced an affiliate program that doles out 30% to referrers. The idea is to increase awareness among online poker players about PokerTableStats and, at the same time, provide affiliates with a high-percentage profit margin on sales.

PokerTableStats is a unique application that provides a clear, real-time Heads-Up Display along with other valuable information such as odds, hole card strength, and number of outs. With PokerTableStats, you can easily calculate which decisions are more favorable percentage-wise and increase your bottom line instantly with just a minimal amount of study.

Unlike its competitors, the program does not require an up front payment. Instead, players only pay for the months they actually use the program. PokerSoftware caught up with PokerTableStats’ Artur Pietrzyk to discuss his latest innovation. What can you tell us about the program in general and how can it benefit affiliates?

PokerTableStats: We have been using a reliable software program called Post Affiliate Pro. Every sale is automated and the panel is great. It can generate affiliate links and scripts for your site.

Our affiliate program is especially attractive because the rules are straightforward and it provides a huge linear commission. Affiliates receive 30% commission from sales plus an additional 10% for every sale that is made by a sub-affiliate.

There are many ways that we can assist a website in promoting the sale of PokerTableStats. Simply check out the details in the affiliate section of our website and begin earning easy money by promoting a quality software application. What are some of the reasons behind PokerTableStats offering an affiliate program?

PokerTableStats: We launched the affiliate program in order to increase awareness of our product and provide an attractive incentive for websites to join our affiliate team. We're very confident in our product and firmly believe it provides a significant value to online poker players who require real-time statistical information in order to make the best decisions possible at the virtual tables. How will payments be made to affiliates? When and via which method will affiliates receive payments?

PokerTableStats: Payments are issued on the 15th day of each month. Affiliates must have a PayPal account in order to collect sales commissions. What can you tell us about PokerTableStats and its usefulness for online poker players?

PokerTableStats: The program is highly functional and fully automated. No extra configuration is needed by the user, which makes it a simple "plug and play" application that works perfectly from the very beginning.

There are three monthly subscription plans available for users: Basic (which does not include the HUD or cloud storage), Professional, and Gold, the latter of which includes all features along with priority customer service. The price list is as follows:

Basic: $5.99 per month
Professional: $7.99 per month
Gold: $9.99 per month

As you can see, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on statistical poker software, especially in the case of many poker players who take up the game for a few months and then take a prolonged break before jumping back in.

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