PokerTableStats Offering Discount Memberships for Christmas

Date: 2011-12-23
Author: David Huber

Just in time for the Christmas, PokerTableStats is offering discounted monthly memberships to online poker players who sign up between now and the beginning of January. The gesture represents an effort by the PTS team to ensure as many poker players from around the globe have an opportunity to take advantage of real-time stat tracking that allows individuals to make more precise, accurate decisions at the virtual tables.

PokerTableStats offers three monthly membership options: Basic, Professional, and Gold. The software's premier package, also known as the Gold Plan, comes not only with a real-time Heads-Up Display and the ability to store all of your valuable information externally in a cloud, but also features priority customer service for any technical issues. Regularly priced at $9.99 per month, poker players who sign up before January can get PTS' executive package for only $7.97 per month, a savings of 20%.

PTS also offers the Professional Plan that includes the HUD and cloud storage, which can be a huge advantage to players by ensuring vital information is never lost due to hardware malfunction or human error. What's more, information stored in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere in the world, from any computer, provided you have an internet connection along with a username and password. The Professional Plan, normally priced at $7.99 per month, can be purchased for only $5.97 monthly from now until January, a savings of 25%.

Online poker players who are just getting into the software segment may want to try out the Basic Plan before committing to a larger package. Although the Basic plan does not include the HUD or cloud storage, you can still receive detailed information and decide later whether you would like to upgrade to one of the PokerTableStats' more complete subscription packages. The Basic Plan, which is usually available for $5.99 per month, can be obtained for $3.97 per month if you purchase by the end of December. That’s a 33% savings.

The holidays represent one of the best times to learn more about online poker, as beginning players flock to the virtual tables en masse to try their luck by depositing holiday bonus funds in hopes of striking it rich. Some will cash in on a great run of cards, but the information provided by PokerTableStats can give you a clear edge over other players who do not base their decisions on real-time information. In short, those who are not taking advantage of the latest tools are losing money regardless of their skill level, which is why programs like PTS are so important.

PokerTableStats can be one of the best holiday gifts you give a loved one, good friend, or fellow colleague due to its ability to improve your bottom line and profit margin almost immediately. You can also buy PTS for yourself and invest in a winner by utilizing easy-to-decipher information on everything from hole card strength to the number of outs remaining to make a winning hand.

Visit today and find out why online poker players are taking advantage of this unique monthly subscription service to improve their skills and increase their earnings. Purchase before January and receive up to a 33% discount while learning more about how detailed statistical information can convert you from a beginner into a seasoned pro in virtually no time at all.

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