HH Dealer Rolls Out Multi-Month Discounts, Free Hand Histories

Date: 2012-01-04
Author: David Huber

To kick off 2012, HHDealer.com is offering a load of promotions. As 2012 begins, users will recognize that the website has been totally revamped with the option to purchase a three- or six-month membership at a considerable discount if you prepay.

HH Dealer also offers an exclusive "Best Price Guarantee" to all subscribers. If you are able to purchase hand histories for less at a competing website, just e-mail HH Dealer. Not only will they match the offer, they’ll give you a better deal to ensure you're completely satisfied and that hand history purchases remain within your budget.

Now that we're in 2012, HHDealer.com has launched its Hand Histories of the Day promotion in which a batch of hand histories will be selected at random and released free to subscribers on a daily basis. All you have to do is download these hand histories to your poker tracking database.

But that's not all. HH Dealer is now running its "Surprise Surprise" promo in which each bulk hand history purchase will come with a surprise in the form of additional hand histories. This is a very impressive promotion that adds even more discounts for loyal subscribers who take advantage of bulk purchase methods.

Finally, HH Dealer has opened up its "Spread the Word" initiative, which rewards subscribers for referring new members to the site. Members can receive a $10 hand history credit for telling others about HHDealer.com, which can be done by posting a link to HHDealer.com on any online poker forum.

For the $10 credit to count, the post must not be deleted or locked by the forum's moderators and must not be considered spam. If the post or thread that contains the link is still up for two days after it was originally posted on the forum, you will receive the $10 credit upon e-mailing HH Dealer. This means that you could receive $100 in free hand histories if you successfully link to the HH Dealer website on 10 forums. Don't forget to e-mail to receive credit for the linking.

The reasons to choose HHDealer.com for hand histories are numerous. For one, HH Dealer runs a network of servers to ensure you receive more information than you could possibly data-mine on your own. Also, the information is delivered quickly and risk-free without having to check your e-mail or use HHLoader. This is due to the new user area that has been added to the website that allows subscribers to log in and download the daily updated hand histories in accordance with the monthly purchase regulations. Users can also make one-time bulk purchases as needed.

Visit HHDealer.com today and find out why it is one of the world’s top sources for detailed hand history information that assists online poker players worldwide. With the Hand Histories of the Day, Surprise Surprise, and Spread the Word promotions, there are more reasons than ever to use HH Dealer and begin raking in the profit.

Making bulk hand history purchases has never been easier and the result could be a significant boost to your bottom line. Make your HUD stats more accurate than ever and add millions of hand histories to your database through HHDealer.com in 2012. Visit our HH Dealer review for more details.

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