Hot Topics in Poker Software for January 22nd

Date: 2012-01-22
Author: Dan Cypra

The beginning of each year is historically the busiest in the world of poker. On the live circuit, pros and amateurs hoping to strike it rich have been flocking to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas and the Aussie Millions in Melbourne. Meanwhile, the online poker world has been infatuated with the ongoing Turbo Championship of Online Poker, or TCOOP, on PokerStars and the soon-to-be-held Grand Series of Poker (GSOP) 8 on the Ongame Network.

With all of this excitement in the poker world, it’s no surprise that PokerSoftware has been buzzing in recent days. We’ve had developers posting about the latest updates to their programs and a variety of feature articles have received considerable attention from our readers.

Let’s start in the PokerSoftware forum, where news about the latest update to Cardshark Brain has been featured. If you’re not familiar with Cardshark Brain, it’s an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that includes a poker odds calculator, a hand strength tool, an expected value calculator for making moves or bets versus one to four opponents, and a post-flop analysis tool.

The lead developer for Cardshark Brain came onto the PokerSoftware forum last week and gave us the latest news on his product: “An update will be coming soon to the odds calculator screen. We are working on showing the number of outs (if any) that a hand will have. And I am looking for more feedback on tools people would like to see in the future.” If you have any suggestions for the folks at Cardshark Brain, e-mail them at

In recent weeks, the software forum on our site has also been filled with discussion of Tournament Parser, whose latest versions, 2.84 and 2.85, were released in recent days. The former included the following four fixes:

Added “What's New” window so users can see what's in the new release
Added ability to resize columns in the grid
Fixed IE 9 issue with posting Merge tournament histories
Removed “Delete post from PTP”

Version 2.85 of Tournament Parser, which was released on January 19th and is the newest edition of the software, featured a fix such that the generating rail tool does not break when the tournaments played counter gets above 32,000. That’s a lot of tournaments.

Another hot topic on PokerSoftware has been the announcement of a special promotion from PokerTableStats, which is offering complimentary three-month companion subscriptions when a person purchases a 12-month Basic, Professional, or Gold subscription. PokerTableStats provides real-time player stats and stores your data in the cloud, which makes it easily retrievable from any computer with an internet connection.

PokerTableStats subscriptions run between $5.99 and $9.99 per month and the promotion involving the free three-month companion memberships ends at the end of January.

One of our favorite recent articles was published on January 16th and featured a sneak peek at SitNGo Wizard 2. That’s right, one of the most popular pieces of poker software ever made is about to roll out its second incarnation. Our inside information includes the following: “SNG Wizard 2 is currently developing a new custom hand editor that will include improvements such as customizable hand histories, moving players, and moving the button. Developers are also working on an entirely new, and much improved, Quiz Mode.”

SitNGo Wizard will set you back $99 if you’re a new customer. Existing users looking to upgrade from SNG Wizard 1 to SNG Wizard 2 can do so for free, which is an extremely generous perk.

If you have any questions about any of the programs we’ve reviewed here on PokerSoftware, or just want to know what some of your peers think about the poker software topic of your choice, make a post in our forum. And don’t forget to keep checking our site for the latest poker software news.

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