ITM BankRoll Management Software Released

Date: 2012-01-10
Author: David Huber

ITM BankRoll Manager is a bankroll management tool that covers all of the bankroll management needs of online poker players through its calculations. With today's online poker environment, players have very little time to keep up with bankroll management and must dedicate the vast majority of their time to actually playing poker.

With ITM BankRoll Manager, you can keep track of your global bankroll regardless of whether you have all of your funds on one site or several sites. Another great feature of ITM BankRoll Manager is that you can keep an accurate count of your total funds regardless of which currency you utilize, even if you use multiple currencies such as the U.S. Dollar, British Pound, Australian Dollar, or Euro.

The information is saved locally on your hard drive to ensure maximum security of your personalized information and you can access it at any time, even if you don’t have an internet connection. The basic ITM BankRoll Manager functions include the ability to keep track of cashouts and deposits, which is the first step to maintaining tight control of your winnings and expenses.

With ITM BankRoll Manager, you can have your total bankroll level at your fingertips at all times. What's more, you can input your site-by-site bonus information in a separate category as well as rakeback, which makes keeping up with your expenditures and cashouts even easier.

ITM BankRoll Manager has separate categories for transfers and loans, which means you can zip funds to buddies, backers, and horses in minutes without having to worry about tedious bookkeeping tasks. Just let ITM BankRoll Manager do the work for you and you will always have an accurate breakdown of what your bankroll balance is.

ITM BankRoll Manager also boasts detailed, customizable graphs and charts to help you break down your expenses and winnings by category, site, staked player, and more. Throw away your old Excel spreadsheet and use this application specifically made for online poker players and you'll see how much easier it is to keep a record of funds that go in and out of your online poker and bank accounts. All transactions are recorded so you can refer to them at any time, plus ITM BankRoll Manager has a very clean, crisp interface that is user-friendly.

There is an auto-read feature that can be used from the cashier of PokerStars, and other online poker clients will have the same capability soon. Bankroll management formulas, strategies, and calculations are included in the ITM BankRoll Manager program, plus you can update currency rates automatically.

The clear graphics are a huge plus and reason enough to give ITM BankRoll Manager a try. Manage your online poker bankroll at the click of a mouse and keep extremely detailed notes and concise records using this application, which even has an area for "places," which can be useful for live players who compete at various locations across the globe.

You can try out the program for free or buy the low-stakes version for $15, the mid-stakes version for $33, and the unrestricted high-stakes version for $69.

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