PokerTableStats Offering Free Three-Month Companion Subscriptions

Date: 2012-01-18
Author: David Huber

PokerTableStats, which offers online poker players worldwide the ability to view real-time statistical information via a crisp HUD, is offering subscription users a unique promotion in January. From now until January 31st, any PokerTableStats customer who purchases a prepaid 12-month Basic, Professional, or Gold subscription will receive an additional three-month subscription key absolutely free for a friend. The key will be provided for whichever plan you decide to purchase.

This could be the perfect gift for one of your online poker colleagues. Thanks to the real-time information that PokerTableStats provides, you and your friend could have instant access to the number of outs, hole card strength, indicators on whether it is profitable to remain in a pot, detailed HUD information, and much more.

For online poker players who have never used PTS, one of the most important advantages to having it as one of your software programs is that you can safely store important data on PTS’ external servers in the cloud.

This removes any risk of having your entire database wiped out due to hardware errors and other catastrophic events. With cloud computing, you can access your statistical database from anywhere in the world on any computer provided you have an internet connection, user name, and password.

There are three different packages that are available with this promotion. The Gold plan is the most complete product and includes the right to use PokerTableStats on four registered computers at one time along with all of the great PTS features such as Pocket Rank, Draw Meter, Hand Strength Meter, Pot Odds Meter, Odds, Outs, +EV Calculator, Showing Opponents' Mucked Cards, HUD Statistics, Private Database Storage in the Cloud, Priority Customer Support, and All Previous Updates.

That's quite a lot for the $9.99 per month subscription cost, not to mention that if you pre-purchase 12 months at the Gold level, you will be able to give a friend a three-month Gold package absolutely free thanks to PTS’ January promotion.

The Professional plan contains most of the perks that the Gold plan does, although you won't have access to Previous Updates or Priority Customer Service. With the Professional plan, you can use PTS on two registered computers and will still have access to the all-important HUD statistics. Plus, you can store your data in the cloud. For $7.99 per month, the Professional version of PTS is a great buy. If you purchase 12 months prepaid in January, you can give a three-month Professional package to a friend free of charge.

Finally, the Basic PTS version is for those who would like to try out the program before purchasing one of the premier packages. You can only use the Basic plan on one registered computer at a time and it does not include a HUD, Cloud Storage, or Priority Customer Support, but you will still receive the basic calculators to assist you with decision-making. Those tools include the Draw Meter, Hand Strength Meter, Pot Odds Meter, Odds, Outs, and +EV Calculator.

Whether you're a beginning online poker player or a seasoned pro, PokerTableStats could play an important role in improving your skills and bottom line. Prepay for a 12-month subscription from now until January 31st and PTS will give you an additional three-month subscription of the plan you purchase absolutely free. Check out our Poker Table Stats review for more details.

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