Sharkystrator Table Selection Tool Releases Free Beta

Date: 2012-01-06
Author: David Huber

Have you ever wanted to be more selective in deciding which opponents to compete against in Heads-Up Sit and Gos? Is it frustrating at times when you're searching for a certain opponent, but are unable to find him or her through any other method except manually clicking through all of the PokerStars lobbies? If you’ve wondered about a solution, you'll be happy to hear about Sharkystrator, a new product that serves as a way to register for Heads-Up Sit and Gos automatically. It’s also a lobby scanner.

Sharkystrator, which currently works on PokerStars, is in beta and free for any online poker player across to globe to use and provide feedback on. The way the application works is that it utilizes the information you provide to select which opponents to face off against in Heads-Up Sit and Gos.

For example, on PokerStars, players have a variety of note colors they can use to designate different playing styles, skill levels, and tendencies. Sharkystrator allows players to automate the registration process and only sign up for sit and gos against players who have a particular note color.

This means if you have personally marked players and color-coded their notes on PokerStars, you can choose which ones to go up against in Heads-Up Sit and Gos by using Sharkystrator. All you have to do is select the correct mode and then instruct the software to register at tables where opponents with specific note colors are seated.

Sharkystrator can also register for sit and gos by selecting specific opponents you tell it to. For example, if you have a specific "fish list" of players on PokerStars, you can instruct Sharkystrator to sit only at tables where those opponents are registered. Through this method, you'll never face off against an undesired opponent in Heads-Up Sit and Gos ever again, saving you time and, most importantly, money.

Due to Sharkystrator's non-invasive programming, it is specifically white listed on PokerStars, as it does not utilize any information except what the user inputs. All you have to do is decide which opponents you'd like to go up against, enter those screen names or colors into the application, and let Sharkystrator do the rest.

The program will also act as a lobby scanner and seat you at tables where only the opponents you choose are seated, meaning you'll never have to compete against an undesired opponent again. This can be particularly useful for avoiding opponents with certain skill sets or expertise levels. This feature alone has the potential of saving heads-up players a ton of money by purposely placing them in situations where their advantage is much greater a larger percentage of the time.

Another helpful feature of Sharkystrator is that it allows for automatic registration in Heads-Up Sit and Gos. Just tell the software how many tables you'd like to play in at a time and it will automatically seat you at an empty table until the required number of registrations has been met.

Due to its beta status, Sharkystrator is currently free for download for any online poker player in the world. You can only use it for play money tables and cash sit and gos of $1.50 or less for now, but this will be revamped in the near future once the beta testing period has expired. Try out Sharkystrator today and provide feedback that will help you be much more selective with who you compete against in Heads-Up Sit and Go tournaments.

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2014-05-27 05:12:28


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