Tournament Parser Adds Twitter Support

Date: 2012-01-14
Author: David Huber

Tournament Parser is an online poker program that has been around for about a year. It allows players from across the globe to post their online tournament session stats easily and quickly onto online poker forums without needing to do any manual data entry or adjustments.

This can be especially helpful for those who back players or who are currently staked, allowing them to display results of online poker tournaments at the click of the mouse. Tournament Parser can also be used to create your own rail thread for others to join, comment on, and view.

Version 2.78 of Tournament Parser includes the ability to Tweet your session stats directly from Tournament Parser into your Twitter account.

In today's online poker environment that includes social media, this update to the application is sure to be extremely useful for those who have a number of followers or who would just like to share their results with their backers or friends.

In order to Tweet, you will need to go into the Tournament Parser settings and enter your Twitter information, including your account name and password, and then update the application. Once this is done, you will be able to transfer your Tournament Parser session information directly into Twitter in real-time.

Here is an example of session stats that will be displayed on Twitter: "Session Stats - Total Games 20 ROI: 53.21% ITM: 21.04% ABI: $24.55 Avg KO: 2." Having this show up in your Twitter account will make it extremely easy for you, your friends, and your stakers to keep up-to-date with session results without the need for Skype, instant messages, e-mails, or personal notes.

While you're Tweeting your latest results, you can also take the time to follow @TPPoster, which is Tournament Parser's own Twitter account. Doing so will allow you to get real-time access to the latest TP news, including updates, software changes, and new uses for the application.

Saving time is critical for casual and professional online poker players alike. Programs now allow players to auto-register for tournaments, cash games, and more. Plus, there are a number of applications that give information in real-time (such as which tables are the most profitable, the tightest, etc.) to assist competitors and ensure that the vast majority of time at the virtual tables is spent on making actual decisions.

This is a drastic change from just a few years ago, when multi-tabling players had to dedicate as much as half of their time to registering for events, discussing hand histories, sharing session stats, e-mailing website support, and performing other tedious tasks that took away from the overall poker playing experience.

Thanks to programs like Tournament Parser, and its latest update that allows you to post your detailed session stats directly into your Twitter account, a lot of time can be saved, resulting in an improved hourly rate. You can check out the program by visiting its thread in the Poker Software forum and browsing the site to see the benefits of using Tournament Parser.

Play online poker and publish your session results with the click of the mouse by using Tournament Parser. The program only takes a few moments to download and the learning curve is pretty small.

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