HH Mailer: A Unique Data Mining Site

Date: 2012-03-26
Author: David Huber

If you are a serious online poker player and haven't gotten into the business of purchasing hand histories, then you could be missing out on an enormous amount of expectation each time you compete at the virtual tables. HH Mailer, a hand history provider, has a number of services and options available for customers.

We should point out that using services like HH Mailer could violate the Terms and Conditions of your favorite online poker site, so please do your due diligence first.

The way HH Mailer works is that it sends hand histories directly to your e-mail. You can then import them into your poker database to begin enjoying the benefits of having the most updated information at your fingertips.

The data arrives packed in zip files each day between 00:00 and 04:00 Moscow time.

You can choose from cash games or tournaments when you place your order and the service will prompt you to choose the exact stakes, number of players at the table, and more.

Let's check out the pricing. You can order a monthly subscription to receive all cash game hand histories played on PokerStars No Limit $50 Full Ring tables for $20 per month. This will include, according to the latest data, anywhere between 150,000 and 200,000 hand histories each day. If a member subscribes for more than one month, he will receive an additional discount.

For cash game hand history purchases in bulk, HH Mailer offers 5,000,000 hands of No Limit Hold'em $50 Full Ring on PokerStars for $55. This will be slightly less than a month's worth of data.

SNG and MTT hand histories come in a subscription or bulk rate package and their pricing depends on a number of factors including game type, buy-in, and number of players. For example, if you wish to purchase a monthly subscription for every single hand history played in a SNG or MTT with an $11 buy-in on PokerStars, then that will cost you approximately $110 per month. A six-month subscription would run $528. If you wish to purchase bulk hand histories at that level, they will cost roughly $180 for 5,000,000.

HH Mailer currently covers hand histories played on PokerStars, the iPoker Network, PartyPoker, and 888. Prices vary per site, stakes, game type, and number of players seated. HH Mailer comes with a daily allotment of free hand history packages in order to allow new and prospective customers to check out the service before deciding whether to purchase. Taking advantage of the free packages can be a perfect way to try out the service and ensure that you are easily able to add the newly acquired hand histories to your online poker database.

HH Mailer does not accept payment via poker sites. In order to take advantage of the subscription or bulk service, you will need to send payment via Webmoney, Moneybookers, Liqpay, PayPal, Liberty, or PerfectMoney. Hold'em and Omaha games are covered.

To find out more about how you can subscribe or place a bulk hand history order and to begin reaping the benefits immediately, visit HH Mailer's website.

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