Introducing Poker Video Organizer

Date: 2012-04-24
Author: David Huber

Poker Video Organizer is a new tool released by PokerSoftware user "Vingadero" that allows online poker players across the globe to catalog, index, and maintain their poker video libraries. It can be especially helpful to those who compete seriously at the online tables and have a lot of poker training videos at their disposal from a variety of sites.

Having an application that will allow you to quickly filter poker videos can save an enormous amount of time, while enabling the content to be referenced in a number of automatic or customized methods. Poker Video Organizer features automatic scanning of video folders; the ability to scrape information from a number of poker training sites including CardRunners, LeggoPoker, and DeucesCracked; and customizable filters that can be categorized by tags, author, series, and file name.

Most seasoned online poker players have used some form of file organization over the years, so setting up filters and organizing poker video content should not present much of a learning curve for those who are familiar with other more complicated software applications.

PokerVideoOrganizer also lets players place a note on each video along with a "watched" indicator. There is a favorites list, the option to make multiple edits, paste information, scrape, clean the library, and open video files directly from the Poker Video Organizer client.

Having an application of this sort can result in your poker training experience being a one-stop shop instead of randomly filtering through days of video content trying to find instruction on a particular poker strategy. All you have to do is label the videos with words such as "continuation betting" or "deep stack play" in order to catalog an archive permanently.

Overall, this program acts as a virtual card catalog for all video files and can even be used for non-poker content, although the vast majority of video content on a poker player's hard drive is likely related to poker.

In an exclusive interview with PokerSoftware, Poker Video Organizer creator "Vingadero," whose real first name is Anderson, mentioned that the project was inspired in large part by his own poker video organizing needs. "I have [approximately] 50 GB of downloaded video content and it was [a hassle] every time I wanted to watch something specific because the only things I had were the video file names," said Anderson, an independent developer who likes to create applications that solve his tech problems.

With PVO, your manual searches of important poker training videos will likely be reduced significantly, if not altogether. Perhaps the best feature of this application is that the user will be able to seamlessly integrate videos from any number of training sites and have them all contained within one program for use whenever he sees fit.

The display is easy to understand and a PVO customer can maneuver around different video topics and sites at the click of the mouse. Another bonus of using this program is that the customer will often benefit from not having archived content go stale due to not remembering where it is stored on their local hard drive.

Poker Video Organizer comes with a 30-day free trial. Once the trial period has expired, a player can decide to purchase a single user license for $19.99, which is a one-time fee. The payment can be accepted via PayPal, Moneybookers, or poker site transfer upon e-mailing The license is valid for one computer only.

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