Introducing PokerEduManager Educational Management Software

Date: 2012-04-16
Author: David Huber

PokerEduManager, which launched on April 14th, is a new concept for serious online poker players and assists with poker instruction. The program is registered in the Netherlands and was created by Tom Huges, a 31-year-old law graduate, and Lieve de Lint, a 27-year-old neuropsychology graduate. It is the world's first educational management software suite and gives poker players direct methods and strategies for habit retention.

This program has been in development since early 2010. The PokerEduManager team, when creating this product, found seven common traits that separate top achievers from the rest of the field: goal-setting, disciplined planning, knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, motivation to study new material, repeating studied content, discussing content with like-minded people, and organizational skills. PokerEduManager was built around each of those pillars.

With PokerEduManager, you can use the Personal Knowledge Base, which allows users to store all information and notes in a central place in order to stay organized. There are also Calendar and Set Goals pages that are self-explanatory and very easy to comprehend, along with the ability to discuss hands with friends.

PokerEduManager gives online poker players active learning strategies, which allow for a much greater retention rate when compared to passive methods. PEM engages you in the learning and instructive processes, which have been proven to be successful.

Another handy feature of PEM is the ability to view Quick Start Videos, which give customers easy-to-understand tutorials on how to use the various tabs and features in an educational manner.

When visiting, you will be able to register for free. PEM customers will have access to the forums, where any questions or suggestions can be posted in order to improve on learning methods. Forum categories include PEM Exchange, PEM Software Suite, Poker Training, and Off Topic.

The PEM package comes with a free, 14-day, no obligation trial that includes the main application and a quiz creator. The download will be available once you have registered at the website. The purchase price for the package is $97 for a one-year license, which can be purchased via PayPal. There is also a "Pro" license, which has yet to be officially priced by the PEM staff. This service, when released, will give customers access to exclusive content, a personal mentor, and professional feedback.

PokerEduManager is also seeking coaches who would like to make money through their passion for poker. Use the Pro Advice infrastructure to create your own poker training program and start earning through PEM. Whether you enjoy giving advice to fellow players or are in the habit of creating summaries and quizzes from available content, PokerEduManager Pro Advice can be your ticket to your own personal poker training program. To find out more, send an e-mail to

To learn more, potential customers can visit, where they can subscribe to PEM's notification list and receive an exclusive launch discount as well as a free copy of the e-book "Poker Training, the Smart Way."

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Member Comments


Mike's Comment

2013-01-06 00:47:14

This product sucks!


ChrisLawn's Comment

2013-03-12 22:57:07

@Mike's Comment It was obviously too complicated for you to give any reasons.


Bablu's Comment

2013-09-16 00:51:16

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Esin's Comment

2013-09-17 10:07:06

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Jenny's Comment

2013-09-18 14:12:05

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