Master Holdem Manager 2 with Instructional Videos

Date: 2012-04-04
Author: David Huber

For Holdem Manager 2 users who have taken the last couple of months to get familiar with with the new "ribbon" system and other features, getting a jump on the competition will likely result in increased profits at the online poker tables. For those who haven't done so, or are still using the original Holdem Manager because they are unsure about picking up the newly released overhaul, a new series of Holdem Manager 2 coaching videos is now available for free on YouTube.

The most popular Holdem Manager 2 coaching videos as of the time of writing are from Alan Jackson, whose instructional videos include "HM2 Stats Explained," "Street By Street HUD," "NoteCaddy Badges and Graphs," "Creating Filters," and "Line Analysis."

The "Street by Street HUD" video lasts approximately 10 minutes and explains in detail how HM2 improves over conventional HUDs by automatically switching its viewable stats by street. This means that you can customize the HUD to display specific statistics pre-flop, and then have it change once the flop, turn, and river appear. As Jackson explains in his video, the customizable HUD feature allows HM2 customers to view the most relevant stats automatically by street.

Another video by Jackson is a 12-minute piece that goes through "NoteCaddy Badges and Graphs." Jackson claims in the first part of this video that the integration of NoteCaddy into HM2 is a "game-changer," adding that the badges come into play when they meet criteria that the user has selected. Jackson goes on to talk about scatter graphs and spark graphs, which are also featured in NoteCaddy's integrated version.

The "HM2 Stats Explained" video reviews new statistical information that is available for use by HM2 customers, while the "Creating Filters" content contains 15 minutes of instruction on how to best evaluate your game in an effort to increase your rate.

More videos include "HUD Options," "Session Review," and "Report Filters." The advantages of watching these instructional videos for beginning HM2 customers can turn out to be huge and, at the very least, will result in a considerable amount of efficiency when using the database program. With so many marquee software applications available for online poker players these days, it is of utmost importance for those who compete professionally to maximize their expectation. Holdem Manager 2 provides one of the world's best tools for allowing maximum profit-making and customization.

Thanks to the free videos available on YouTube, the learning curve for Holdem Manager 2 will turn out to be significantly less for those who watch them compared to individuals who do not.

For existing Holdem Manager customers, HM2 comes fully equipped and free in the form of an upgrade. For online poker players who would like to purchase the program for the first time, HM2 is priced at a one-time fee of $89.99 for the complete Texas Holdem or Omaha versions, while the combo package runs $149.99. There is a Small-Stakes version available for $59.99, but it will not be compatible with all buy-in levels.

Potential customers who would like to try out the software before deciding on whether to buy it can do so for 30 days. The one-month trial comes fully featured with all HM2 upgrades. To find out more about Hold'em Manager 2, visit our Holdem Manager review. To view the instructional videos on how to use HM2, click here.

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